Always exactly the right color:
whether digital or offset printing 

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all true

Packaging printers are used to printing spot colors. This isn’t too much of a challenge using conventional printing processes – however, how is digital printing coping with spot colors? The sample kit shows how GMG’s color management solution masters these challenges efficiently and reliably.

Digital like Offset

Spot colors defined for offset printing are automatically converted to the fixed color set of the digital press, 
whether that’s CMYK or CMYKOGV. The printed results are visually identical.
Download the soft proof preview data of our all true sample for Adobe Photoshop and see for yourself. 

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Sample Elements

1)   Images (leaves, flower): CMYK
2)   Purple button: P2617 and P700
3)   Gradient: P700, P228 + P2617
4)   Mini control wedge showing press characteristics
5)   Brand colors: actual spot colors
6)   Image (leaves CONSISTENT): CMYK
7)   Gradient: CMYK + OV
8)   Brand colors: reproduced in CMYK + OV

The Multicolor Solution from GMG

Consistent results

Identical reprints, both in offset and digital printing, enable more flexible pressroom management.

Proofing instead of test prints

Increased productivity and more efficient client communication even for digital presses.

Automated data conversion

Including multicolor – for a streamlined process and reliable results.

Efficient profiling of digital printing presses

For a smooth running pressroom and minimal test prints.