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Innovation is in GMG’s DNA since its beginnings in 1984. The company continues to set the standard with innovative solutions, software, and know-how in all printing processes. What defines GMG is a passion for delivering precise and predictable color results. Leading printing companies, successful service providers, and well-known global brands trust GMG.

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GMG’s color management expertise has been well respected for years, especially among prepress specialists. Its proofing and conversion solutions are industry-leading across the globe. GMG used its decades of experience in color to develop an award-winning solution enabling the creation of digital ink drawdowns. Exactly the sort of solution for the internationally successful printing ink manufacturer Siegwerk with 180 years of experience. The fact that innovative processes are part of the long-standing success story is also reflected in the decision to switch from analog to digitally-created ink drawdowns with GMG ColorCard.

Continued education is paramount when it comes to fully benefit from new technologies and all they have to offer. With the know-how of the GMG color experts, prepress professionals can significantly increase the quality and productivity in print production.

GMG Color has formed a partnership with Service Offset Supplies (SOS) to sell its software products in the UK, supporting GMG’s continued growth into the UK wide format, commercial printing, and packaging markets. It also expands the range of software products offered by colour specialists SOS, to complement its hardware solutions in those sectors.

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TrueColors - the Magazine from GMG

TrueColors is published bi-annually and features, besides interesting color management news, unexpected and inspiring content. What moves the creative makers and thinkers? What do extraordinary people do differently? How much love and attention do successful companies put into the details? And what does all of this have to do with color? More than you think.

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Winter 2021 / Spring 2022

Icons! A TrueColors edition that sets an example because it’s about iconic brands, unique stories, stylish colors and great packaging design.​​

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Summer 2021

The cover story of this issue: Strong! Aqua Monaco has a strong testimonial, Gardena offers strong gardening helpers and Illy provides the coffee. In addition, a strong idea from HP: hyper customized packaging. 

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Winter 2020 / Spring 2021

"Packaging is a print product with a future," says Holger Fröbel in our TrueColors-Tech Talk. And Peter Reich from Constantia does not want to contradict him.

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Summer 2020

Do we need more of some or less of something else? "More innovation!" says Benny Landa. Weleda stands for more sustainability. And GMG? More efficiency, more digital printing, more Multicolor.

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Winter 2019 / Spring 2020

In this issue, we take a look at art. It's all about passion and attention to detail, it's about Ritter Sport, Kärcher and people pursuing an idea.

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Summer 2019

Cutting edge technology is one thing. But what often makes a difference is the attitude, the passion and the will to give everything to achieve the best solution.

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