40 years of GMG: “Color management – even more significant today than it was in 1984”

Tübingen, Germany (25th June2024) – As a pioneer and innovator in color management, GMG remains focused on the future even in its anniversary year. Robert Weihing, who co-leads the company with his brother Jörg, summarizes the success: “Back in the 80s, our software was able to accurately predict print results for the first time – eliminating the considerable guesswork and experimentation the industry was used to in those days.”

GMG’s color management revolutionized the entire graphics art industry in the years to follow, both in terms of quality and cost. By effectively controlling relatively inexpensive inkjet printers, we offered a superior solution that quickly became the global standard: GMG ColorProof. Today, GMG addresses nearly every color-critical task in prepress with a diverse product portfolio.

"Color matching is our thing," explains Robert Weihing, looking optimistically into the future. He believes predictable print results are even more important today than in GMG's founding year of 1984. The packaging industry for one, but also advancements in digital printing are only two highlights presenting various challenges including: demanding substrates like corrugated board, quality management across multiple production sites, and the use of spot colors and a trend of fixed multicolor sets driven by digital printing. The issues extend to the overarching theme of cost efficiency. "Efficiency is paramount," emphasize Jörg and Robert Weihing. "GMG’s color management solutions significantly enhance competitiveness in print production, ensuring predictable results, consistent colors, and automated processes – whether in digital or analog print.”

When asked about their wishes for the company’s milestone anniversary, the two owners respond in typical GMG fashion: “We have always preferred to focus on the wishes of our users. That hasn’t changed in 40 years.”

For more information about GMG, visit www.gmgcolor.com.