GMG at Fachpack 2022

Visit the GMG booth at: Hall 7A, Booth 503, from September 27th to 29th. 

The megatrends digitization and automation have been a huge topic in packaging printing for many years. Because great challenges are best tackled with smart solutions, now is the right time to create physical color references digitally. 

Digitally-created color cards are more than one step ahead of their analog predecessors: 

•    Efficiency, precision and flexibility – consistent ink drawdowns in seconds  
•    Reliable prediction of production tolerances 
•    Accurate reproducibility 
•    Superior lightfastness for archival use 

Don't miss: The engaging lecture by Michael Weihing delivers real industry insights with practical examples. Forum PACKBOX, lecture as part of the DFTA session on Wednesday, September 28, 2022 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.  

Further topics:

That’s what accurate color feels like: Prototype Proofing from GMG 

Proofing is all about accurate and reliable color. But especially in packaging production, the feel is also a key criterion when evaluating a proof. Prototype Proofing from GMG offers the real look and feel: In other words, accurate colors and a realistic feel!

From analog to digitally-created ink drawdowns: GMG ColorCard  

Color cards are indispensable for visualization and coordination in  packaging printing. Until now, these  cards have been created manually. GMG ColorCard combines digital  efficiency with colorimetric precision. 

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