GMG targets the future of color precision at TAGA 2023

GMG Color, the developer behind a suite of market-leading proofing and color management tools, is attending the Technical Association of the Graphic Arts (TAGA) Annual Technical Conference 2023.

The event takes place March 12-15, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and brings together an international community of graphics industry professionals, academics and scientists.

The TAGA organization looks to amplify and accelerate technological innovation in the diverse field of graphic communications, and provides a worldwide forum for disseminating theoretical, functional and practical information on emerging print technologies. Representing GMG Color at the event will be Marc Levine, Director of Business Development, and Birgit Plauz, Manager of Technical Services.

As part of a comprehensive schedule of seminars and technical paper presentations, Marc will deliver an insightful talk on developing industry standard data sets for extended color gamut (ECG) printing, and Birgit will be co-hosting the TAGA conference event in her role as Executive Vice President of TAGA.

Birgit comments: “Every year, the TAGA Annual Technical Conference attracts some of the most brilliant minds in the graphics arts industry, and it’s an unmissable opportunity to learn, share insight and network. As a conference focused on the exciting science and technology of color, it’s definitely one for the ‘graphics geeks’, and we expect the 2023 event to be no different.

“As well as a fantastic opportunity to learn, it’s also a chance to celebrate how rapidly technology is advancing, and at GMG Color, we stay at the very cutting edge of color. Our heavy investment in Research & Development helps us to keep three steps ahead of the industry and the economy, and we always look forward to sharing our knowledge and perspective.”

GMG Color specializes in color management software, trusted by countless printers around the world. The business focuses its innovative solutions around the simplification and standardization of color workflows, and its connected ecosystem of products includes the highly regarded GMG OpenColor, GMG ColorProof and GMG ColorServer platforms.

Birgit adds: “The TAGA conference is all about readying the graphics industry for the future. This means understanding the natural evolution of print techniques, such as extended color gamut printing. With sustainability high on the agenda for printers, Marc’s presentation will be exploring ECG printing – which eschews the need for spot colors- and how we move forward with standardized color data sets.

“As an industry, we are all responsible for pushing the boundaries of the graphic arts and ensuring that razor-sharp color precision is the standard, not the exception. At GMG Color, we are making that our mission, and we look forward to connecting with peers across the industry at the conference.”

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