Color Consistency is key to branding

Different substrates and the use of different printing processes can lead to varying color results. The manual adaptation or correction of print data is usually time-consuming, error-prone and costly. We solve this problem by automatically adapting the print data to allow for varying production conditions and substrates. Our color conversions give you consistent print results – regardless of where in the world your brand color is printed and on what substrate it is printed on.  

From source to target color space

Both large corporate businesses and small artisan brands have a global reach these days. This requires print projects to be produced in different countries and on different substrates. Color conversion of print data is therefore essential to achieve color consistent results. The industry-leading GMG MX Technology delivers high-quality color conversions. Sensitive color areas are stabilized and the black channel is retained. Consistent results across all printing processes and substrates are the result.

Use our online simulator to experience how GMG Color Conversion affects the data and how you get the best possible result for different printing conditions.

Keep colors consistent

As soon as print productions are outside industry standards such as ISO, PSO, GRACoL or SWOP, specific adjustments to the print data become unavoidable. The use of spot colors, special substrates or changing print conditions usually require individual profiling of the print data or the press. Tools such as GMG OpenColor or GMG SmartProfiler make the creation of individual profiles intuitive and simple. 

Save time with automated workflows

Demands on deadlines and cost savings make it virtually impossible to operate a manual color management workflow. What’s needed is a reliable system that delivers on the highest expectations in terms of quality, reliability and repeatability. Thanks to GMG ColorServer the automatization of color management workflows has become reality. The separation and conversion of print data no longer involves complicated manual interventions, saving users a great deal of time and money, especially when having to process print data from varying sources. GMG ColorServer is designed to integrate with third-party systems, making it a simple choice for any environment.

Process optimization with GMG InkOptimizer

Optimizing print data with under color removal saves up to 20% on ink. Crucially GMG InkOptimizer doesn’t only save money, it also stabilizes the printing process and enhances shadow detail. The software uses the most advanced conversion technology to increase the proportion of black and reducing color in neutral grey and shadow areas. The result is a more stable print run and increased output quality.