Template Preview Description See also
Barcode Prints the solid color. You can check the functionality of printed barcode and the readability of text content.  

Prints the solid color and tints. On the left side, the card simulates production tolerances. It shows what happens if the ink is printed with a lower or higher density than the ideal one, which is typical for offset printing. You can set the production tolerance.

The ink needs to be darker than the substrate.

Tolerance range for variant cards (DE00)
Solid Prints the solid color.  
Tints Prints the solid color and tints.  
Tolerance Circle

The tolerance circle shows customizable Lab variations of the target color in the center. This template can serve many purposes, including: 

  • Communicate print production tolerances (as DE00) up front.
  • Communicate in which areas color shifts are acceptable and in which not.
  • Create a selection of similar colors to facilitate the brand color decision.

The creation of cards using this template can take several minutes.

Tolerance range for variant cards (DE00)