How Can I Apply My Own Profiles?

You can create your own custom profiles in GMG OpenColor or in GMG ProfileEditor.

In GMG OpenColor, you can use the Profiles action buttons on the Separations tabbed page to calculate a custom profile. You can then export the profile. Please follow the link for more information on the profile types you can create in GMG OpenColor:

GMG ColorPlugin offers two ways of applying your own profiles:

  • Simply browse for a single profile (ColorConversion > Load Custom Profile).
  • Add your profiles to the profile library to be permanently available in the Destination Space list.

Required Profile Format: MX4 / MX4x Profiles

Depending on the operating system you are running Photoshop on, you may need to update existing MX4 profiles to another file format: MX4x.

When using Photoshop on a Mac system, you need MX4x profiles. If you have MX4 profiles, these need to be updated to *.mx4x first.

Profile Library Path:
/Library/Application Support/GMG/Profile

When using Photoshop on a Windows system, you can apply MX4 profiles AND MX4x profiles.

Profile Library Path: /Users/Public/GMG/PhotoshopPlugin/Profiles

Updating the profile format is only supported with GMG ProfileEditor in GMG ColorServer 4.10.