April 30, 2020

Downloading GMG ChannelChanger profiles with GMG ColorPlugin

GMG ColorPlugin could not download GMG ChannelChanger profiles from the GMG OpenColor server.

GMG ChannelChanger profile not available. Communication with OpenColor failed.

US-29248, 11494, 11604, 11619

Importing CxF data into third-party applications

CxF files which were exported from GMG OpenColor could not be imported into third-party applications, e.g. X-Rite InkFormulation.


March 17, 2020

Missing database cleanup of corrupt profiles

Incomplete profiles were not recognized during cleanup, for example profiles of which the calculation could not be finished due to an application crash.

During the update to version 2.3.1, this kind of corrupt profiles will be removed from the OpenColor database. At a later point in time, this cleanup functionality can be performed manually: Settings > Database > Clean Up.

JobTicket05 is not working.


Accidental deletion of dynamic profiles

Changing the order of the spot color databases or deleting a spot color database in a project triggered the removal of all dynamic profiles, even though those profiles were not affected by the change.


Reverted color corrections after ink name change

Color corrections which were applied on a project level were reverted if the name of an ink was changed on characterization level.

January 30, 2020

Network connectivity between GMG ColorProof and GMG OpenColor

When requesting several profiles through a dynamic proof standard at frequent intervals, GMG ColorProof jobs often failed if the requests were addressed to a GMG OpenColor server located on a different computer.

Crash after uploading ink alternatives to Separation Rule by PackZ

PackZ was able to download Separation Rules and to add local ink alternatives. But as soon as PackZ tried to upload such a local ink alternative into the Separation Rule, GMG OpenColor crashed.

Calculation of the alternative failed: GMG OpenColor_ Calculate Alternative failed.

10170, 10456

GMG ColorProof error due to corrupt GMG OpenColor profiles

Occasionally, GMG OpenColor delivered corrupt profiles to a requesting GMG ColorProof client, e.g. profiles that had not been calculated completely due to an application crash . As a consequence, the associated GMG ColorProof job failed and could not be processed.

This issue could only be solved by manually deleting the corrupt profile in the corresponding GMG OpenColor project to trigger a new profile calculation request by GMG ColorProof.

Not implemented - Label To Chain [time] [date]

December 2, 2019

Corrupt separation profiles after gamut mapping

In particular cases, the calculation of separation profiles with gamut mapping resulted in corrupt profile target values.

00446, 07241, 07799, UK-10382

Failing CMYK proof verification with dynamic proof standards

The validation of CMYK control strips, for example on K80 patch, failed if the proof was based on a dynamic GMG OpenColor proof standard having CMYK and more than 3 additional input inks.

01507, 04348, 07845

Activation of static profiles

In GMG OpenColor systems running with the license option Standard Edition, the static profiles could not be activated with the green check mark. As a consequence of this, the static profiles also could not be downloaded into GMG ColorProof.

09865, 09871, 09872

Separation rule calculation without black ink

The calculation of a separation rule did not use black ink. For example, black in the output consisted of OGV.


French UI - Missing delete button in DotProof dialog

In the iteration window of DotProof profiles, the button to delete an iteration was missing. The workaround was to enlarge the window until all buttons appeared.


Missing ink alternatives in exported separation rules

Separation rules that have been exported into .txt files contained only the first ink alternative, even though multiple alternatives were created.


French UI - Error in localization

The measurement data dialog had a wrong translation of the string Preserve single colors below (Index %).


Inaccurate break simulation with DotProof profiles

The simulation of breaks in highlight areas of ink gradients was less accurate using DotProof (MXD) compared to Contone (MXN) profiles.


Calculation with Keep Black Separation mode

In particular cases, the calculation of separation profiles with separation mode Keep Black Separation did not keep solid Black at 100%.


Addition of a second ink to a new test chart

In newly created GMG OpenColor test charts, CMYK + custom ink 1 could be defined. Adding a second ink was troublesome. Only after saving and closing the chart, a second ink could be added.


Slow launch of GMG OpenColor

It took a very long time to start GMG OpenColor systems with a large database.


Inefficient processing profile calculation task order

Profile calculation tasks have not been processed or completed in the order of their arrival.


Application crash after archive import

GMG OpenColor crashed after importing an .ga archive file containing projects referencing to each other via usage as separation input color spaces.