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Dear Ms. Komander,
GMG OpenColor 2.3 offers a new way of organizing your substrates in a separate media library. While it was already possible in previous versions to save custom media over the Color Corrections dialog, you can now define and organize your substrates at one central point. The media library will help you to simplify the adaptation of your media to the target production stock. It will not only save time and make your life easier, but also ensure consistent paper tints across your projects and thus that the correct paper tint will be used in the proof.

Watch how to organize your media library 


Toggle between SCTV and Murray-Davies

You are still looking at your spot color dot gain curves calculated with the Murray-Davies method, but you are wondering how your flexo bump will look like in SCTV mode? With GMG OpenColor 2.3 you are now able to toggle between the two calculation modes. 

New PANTONE® Colors added

The integration of 294 new PANTONE® Solid Coated and Uncoated colors to the spot color sets in GMG OpenColor support you to improve color communication and consistency across a variety of substrates and materials. 

GMG ProofMedia studio OBA semiMatte 200

The latest growth of the GMG ProofMedia studio line is now also available in GMG OpenColor. It enables proofing of products printed on coated production paper containing optical brightening agents (OBAs) not only in publication but also in packaging printing. 

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GMG OpenColor 2.3 has been released today, Monday, December 2, 2019.

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GMG OpenColor 2.3

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