Digital Printing - Process Control and Profiling

Upon Request

This workshop is worthwhile for both technical professionals in digital print production and newcomers to the world of digital printing. Master the digital printing process with our help and learn about the most important parameters as well as how to control them. Furthermore, the efficient use of GMG ColorServer and the creation of individual profiles are part of this workshop.

Day 1 – GMG ColorServer

• Basics GMG ColorServer / GMG SmartProfiler
• Automated harmonization of data from various sources
• Conversion into various output conditions
• Data preparation for stable and easy printability
• Saving ink in the production process with GMG InkOptimizer
• Stabilizing and quality improvements for quicker drying and better homogeneity throughout the entire print run

Day 2 – Process Control and Standardization

• Fingerprinting and test print evaluation
• ISO norms and standardization
• Information on Fogra PSD (Process Standard Digital)
• Exchange color spaces – FOGRA39, FOGRA51, FOGRA52, FOGRA53 (eciCMYK)

Day 3 – GMG Profiling – Intensive Workshop

• Digital press profiling
• RIP settings for digital presses – tips and tricks
• Profile modification and optimization with GMG ProfileEditor
• Best practice – spot color handling with GMG ColorServer and GMG ColorProof
• Visualization of specific printing conditions
• Soft proofing with Adobe Photoshop

Event location

GMG Academy
Mömpelgarder Weg 10
72072 Tübingen


Three days


Up to nine


1.485 Euro per person, excl. VAT
Each day can be booked separately for 495 Euro

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