Packaging - From Design to Print

Upon Request

Experience the complete process of packaging print production firsthand! By showing technical correlations and backgrounds, we enable you to structure your own processes more efficiently and optimize color communication with your customers.

Day 1 - Print Production and GMG OpenColor

  • Basic color management principles and important aspects of the print production process 
  • Color management works all the way from photography through the design phase to proofing and color separation
  • Color management settings in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator with different RGB and CMYK color spaces
  • Separation into the target color space (i.e. Flexo or Gravure) directly in Adobe Photoshop with the GMG ColorPlugin and/or with our GMG ColorServer  
  • Proofing with latest proofing equipment

Day 2 - Print Production Practical Day - Printing Plate / Cylinder-Making

  • Printing of created files either on a flexo or gravure production printing press
  • Overview of press parameters that influence color appearance and possibilities to control them
  • Evaluation and explanation of printed samples

Day 3 - GMG Profiling - Intensive Workshop

  • Digital profile creation
  • RIP settings for packaging printing - tips and tricks
  • Profile modification and optimization with GMG ProfileEditor and GMG OpenColor
  • Spot color handling in GMG ColorPlugin and HYBRID PACKZ
  • Visualization of specific printing conditions
  • Soft proofing with Adobe Photoshop

Event location

GMG Academy
Mömpelgarder Weg 10
72072 Tübingen
and Hochschule der Medien, Stuttgart


Three days


Up to nine


1.485 Euro per person, excl. VAT
Each day can be booked separately for 495 Euro

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