Accurate color,
convincing solution

GMG ColorCard: smart color references
for the packaging industry

"Dream a little dream of me..."

Freddy Krüger

"So ist Fußball. Manchmal gewinnt der Bessere."
- Lukas Podolski -

„Es ist wichtig, dass man neunzig Minuten mit voller Konzentration an das nächste Spiel denkt.“
Lothar Matthäus (Rekordnationalspieler Deutschlands).

Basis: customer surveys in packaging printing. The time saved varies depending on the application scenario.
Time savings of up to 90% have been measured for subsequent productions

Key benefits at a glance 


Import CFX-file

The result of your ink recipe is already saved as a .cfx file.  Import this file into GMG ColorCard with one simple mouse click.


Selection of substrate

Select the substrate, for example brown corrugated cardboard.


Color accurate printing

It has never been so easy to create any number of physical color cards.


Low costs, simple re-runs

Benefit from the cost savings of a digital solution with GMG ColorCard – amplified even more when additional color cards are required.


10-minute introduction

Now you can produce accurate color cards up to 90% faster. The application is extremely user-friendly – after a short induction you’re ready to go.


Visualize production tolerances with a simple mouse click

Communicate precisely what is important. Customizable color card layouts allow you to depict exactly the elements relevant for your project.


Globally recognized color accuracy

Be it the brand, ink manufacturer or the printer – if all parties approve identical color references, the outcome is sure to match everybody’s expectations.

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