Color management solutions for the packaging industry

Without a reliable color management, brand colors in packaging printing are difficult to control. In packaging printing, processes need to be as flexible as possible while it has to be ensured, that brand colors are kept consistent over all different substrates. Our software solutions help to ensure consistent brand colors worldwide and are able to make your printing processes more efficient. Find more information about our solution offerings for the packaging printing market below! 

Better quality and efficiency in digital print using fixed ink sets

Clients demand faster and more flexible production timelines. This trend will continue thanks to the possibilities of digital printing. The concept of a fixed Multicolor ink set convinces across print processes - it offers enormous advantages not only in digital-, but also in flexo-, gravure- and offset printing. With additional process colors, the Multicolor workflow enables for significantly shorter makeready times compared to spot color printing and the expanded color space leads to visibly higher quality results.

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The new dimension of packaging proofing

Every packaging professional has experience in this dilemma: a proof is a proof. The colors might be accurate, but it's just a far stretch to the final product. With Prototype Proofing, you are entering a new dimension: GMG is now supporting a whole range of typical production substrates - of course with superior color accuracy. Brands, prepress experts and printers are all in agreement: the proof not only looks perfect, but is also feels like the finished product.

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GMG ColorPlugin turns Adobe Photoshop into a prepress mega tool

Processing image data for packaging print has always been a specialists job. â€‹Thanks to the user-friendly application of GMG ColorPlugin, anyone in the team is able to fulfil what used to be an experts task. Spot color separation has always been a very demanding task for prepress experts. With GMG ColorPlugin, this has now become decisively easier and can be executed by anyone in the team.

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Smart color references for the packaging industry

The future of color reference is digital: No more time-consuming, manual processing. Forget staff shortages as our solution GMG ColorCard is so intuitive, that it can be operated by anyone. Re-producing ink drawdowns was never easier.

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