GMG ColorCard: the color reference for packaging printing

Color cards are a necessity in packaging printing if brand colors need to be accurately communicated with stakeholders. Historically, these cards were created manually as ink drawdowns – an extremely time-consuming process. GMG ColorCard opens an entirely new chapter and enables the digital production of color cards based on the ink kitchen’s spectral measurement values.

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Color card production: time is money

A clear advantage of digital flexibility: Every time a color card has to be reproduced, the result is identical, making it easy to manage production costs. High cost of manual ink drawdowns is a thing of the past – the future is digital.

Quick and easy to use

Compared with conventionally produced ink drawdowns, results with GMG ColorCard can be achieved significantly quicker with time savings of up to 90%. The smart solution for your accurate color communication is very easy to use and does not require specific know-how.

Identical references for all process partners

Accurate proofs, predicting exactly what a brand color will look like on the chosen substrate, are essential to a smooth print production. Communication between all stakeholders at pre-press stage depends on it. Thanks to the different color card layouts, it is even possible to accurately simulate agreed production tolerances.

Typical GMG: Total reliability and color accuracy

If clients, ink manufacturers and printers all approve identical color references, expectations of all stakeholders are aligned and the outcome will not disappoint. This greatly improves process reliability and ensures the smooth running of packaging production.