GMG ColorServer: exactly the right solution for precisely the right color

Varying printing conditions, different substrates, productions on a global scale. Countless parameters create diverse challenges. Therefore safe processes are just as essential for the graphic arts industry as consistent color appearance is for a successful brand. Precise conversions make the difference and process automatation ensures unbeatable efficiency. GMG ColorServer automatically converts RGB, CMYK and mixed data with its superior MX technology into any desired output color space. No matter whether in-line with industry-, individual house-standards or Multicolor.

The result is convincing, the solution fits

GMG ColorServer

If you can print more than CMYK, you should also use the potential of digital and conventional systems – there is no way around Multicolor in packaging printing.

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GMG ColorServer

Precise repeatability makes the difference in CMYK digital printing, whether in large format or in four-color packaging printing.

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GMG ColorServer

RGB, CMYK or mixed data? Quality is the common denominator of every conversion in offset-, flexo- or gravure printing – regardless of whether it is according to industry- or house standards.

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Visibly better: GMG's MX technology

GMG ColorServer prepares data ready for printing in no time. A clear advantage: GMG's MX technology generates visibly superior color space conversions compared to other solutions. The black channel is preserved, sensitive color areas are stabilized. The result: highest image quality and consistent colors. Now also for Multicolor!
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GMG OpenColor: the award-winning profiling tool is now always on board

Convert data easily and precisely – regardless of printing process, substrate or ink combination. Including adaptation to paper tone, house standards, specific customer requirements for the reproduction of spot colors and much more. The central color database always delivers the right result – because no matter whether proof or conversion, the profile always refers to the same source.

Fully equipped – with powerful tools

GMG ColorServer Conventional comes complete with integrated GMG InkOptimizer – a valuable tool for even more efficiency in the pressroom. GMG ColorServer Digital has GMG SmartProfiler with EcoSave on board – for reduced ink usage and lower click costs. GMG ColorServer Multicolor has it all and includes both GMG SmartProfiler with EcoSave and GMG InkOptimizer. 

Success Stories

Find out more about GMG ColorServer and read current success stories about the solution in use here.

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The GMG Academy offers tailor-made workshops and webinars to make the use of GMG ColorServer as easy and efficient as possible.

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