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Spot colors are used particularly frequently in packaging printing. But how do you accurately reproduce spot colors in digital printing? And how can jobs be flexibly exchanged between conventional- and digitalprint? Fundamental questions like these make the implementation of digital printing systems so demanding. GMG ColorServer Multicolor is the answer to all of these questions. It has never been easier to reliably prepare accurate print data for virtually every printing process and every ink set, ensuring consistent results and reducing costs at the same time.

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Consistent results — whether in digital printing or on a conventional printing press

The packaging market is characterized by high demands on color reproduction. It is obvious that digital printing must look exactly like conventional printing. But how can this be achieved with a completely different printing process? With GMG ColorServer Multicolor, the exchange between the different methods is straightforward. The conversion instantly leads to consistent results thanks to the award-winning profile technology from GMG OpenColor.

Accurate brand colors every time

In conventional printing, brand colors are usually printed using specially mixed inks. In contrast, digital printing uses a fixed color set. A specific brand color must therefore be reproduced with the machine's fixed ink set. GMG ColorServer Multicolor automatically converts all spot colors into the desired output color space – whether that's CMYK or CMYKOGV – ensuring the print results look identical.

More flexibility for prepress, narrower tolerances as a result

Working with spot colors, especially if these are used in images, is very time-consuming when using standard tools - even for the best experts - and require a case-by-case approach. Instead of manually editing each file, GMG ColorServer Multicolor automatically processes incoming projects. Different hotfolders with the respective printing conditions and the desired spot color treatment make life in prepress much easier - and ensure better results.

Cross-process consistency or maximum intensity

If a printing press uses with additional inks – for example orange, green and violet – a correspondingly larger color space is available. It is not only possible to simulate spot colors with high accuracy - images can also be displayed much more vibrantly thanks to the extended color space. The full potential of this color space opens up completely new possibilities. The customer has a choice: maximum vibrancy or cross-process consistency? This is color know-how that inspires every client.

Instead of spot color changes — only order changes

A Multicolor workflow with a fixed color set also has enormous advantages in conventional printing. The only requirement: efficient color management with GMG ColorServer Multicolor Instead of changing spot colors from one job to the next, every job is printed with the same fixed color set. This saves set-up costs leading to a significant simplification and more flexibility in production – not only in the pressroom on site, but also across different locations. 

"Exactly the same results in digital printing as in offset printing"

Alexander Gaugenmeier, Director Technology and Solution Development, Edelmann GmbH & Co. KG

GMG ColorServer Conventional

GMG ColorServer Conventional supports offset-, flexo- and gravure printing. The solution is optimized for both CMYK commercial- and packaging printing. 

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GMG ColorServer Digital

Anyone in digital four-color printing is sure to find exactly the right solution in GMG ColorServer Digital. 

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