ColorConversion: Converting an Image to a New Printing Condition

Using ColorConversion, you can convert an entire image to a new printing condition. For example, if the original design was created for ISO Coated v2 and later it is decided to use the process standard PSO Coated v3. You can either preserve the existing separations or reseparate the image. Also, you can use GMG InkOptimizer to minimize the ink usage.

Source Space

By selecting the source space, you define the input color space of the document you want to convert. If the document has an ICC profile assigned to it, it will automatically be preselected as Source Space.

Destination Space

The destination space is the target color space you want to convert your image to. All GMG conversion and separation profiles are certified according to official print standards.

Load Custom Profile

With a GMG ColorPlugin Pro or Packaging license, you can also apply your own color conversion or separation profiles created in GMG ProfileEditor or GMG OpenColor. For quick access to often used profiles, you can also store several profiles in the profile library.

This feature allows you to use Multicolor Project to Multicolor MXN profiles created in GMG OpenColor as custom profiles in GMG ColorPlugin. GMG ColorPlugin offers an almost unlimited flexibility to swap or replace colors in the final stage of production. You are free to convert any combination of process and spot colors to any combination of colors by a single mouseclick. 1–7 input colors and 1–8 output colors are supported!