OpenColor Preview

Requires a GMG OpenColor license and a direct connection to the application, please see Preferences

OpenColor Preview allows you to soft proof multicolor image data (CMYK plus spot), and can be used in a similar way as the Adobe Photoshop feature Proof Colors. The soft proof profile is calculated on-the-fly by GMG OpenColor .

In GMG OpenColor, you will need a project characterizing the output colors / target color space. You will then need to publish the separation profiles to make the project available to the GMG ColorPlugin. You may, but you do not need to, precalculate ChannelChanger profiles in GMG OpenColor. You also do not need to export the profiles. GMG ColorPlugin connects to GMG OpenColor and requests the needed profiles on-the-fly.

How to use OpenColor Preview

You will need a GMG OpenColor project with published separation profiles.

  1. Open a CMYK or multichannel image in Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Click File > Automate > OpenColor Preview or click OpenColor Preview in the plugin panel.
  3. Select the GMG OpenColor project defining the target color space.
  4. Map the image channels to the output inks used in the project.

OpenColor Preview settings.

Identical ink names are automatically mapped. In the example, Black was manually mapped to Pantone 469 C.