(Mac) (Win)
November, 23 2021

Freezing Adobe Photoshop

Opening a file in Adobe Photoshop CC 2021 or newer with an installed GMG ColorPlugin caused the application to lock up if the option Use Graphics Processor had been enabled in the settings of Adobe Photohop GMG ColorPlugin.

37525 (Mac) (Win)
May 11, 2021

GMG ChannelExtender - Failed image conversion for projects with Chinese characters in project name

If the selected GMG OpenColor project's name contained Chinese characters, the image conversion with GMG ChannelExtender failed.

Could not complete the GMG ChannelExtender command because invalid parameters were sent to a command.

09378, 14343

GMG ColorConversion - Wrong source space fallback for custom ICC profiles

If a custom ICC profile was embedded in an image, a wrong source space fallback was used under GMG ColorConversion > Source Space.


Failing MinDot Preview leading to Adobe® Photoshop® Freeze

If images contained large metadata, the MinDot Preview failed and Adobe® Photoshop® became unresponsive.


GMG ChannelChanger - Profile calculation error for some ICC profiles with character %

If an ICC profile contained the character % followed by a blank space, the GMG ChannelChanger profile calculation failed with an individual error message.

GMG ChannelChanger profile not available. Communication with OpenColor failed: Error transferring [individual path / file name] - server replied: OK