Is there an integrated help function available in GMG ColorPlugin?

No, but as of version 1.3.3, you can access our GMG ColorPlugin Help Center on the internet directly from the application. To do so, please click on the question mark icon at the top. This will open the Help Center start page in your default browser.

Are there any tutorials on GMG ColorPlugin?

Yes, under https://www.gmgcolor.com/support/help/colorplugin/cpi-system/license.htm, you can find a Quick Start Guide that will guide you through the most important functions. Additionally, you can watch our video tutorials in the Tutorials & Walkthroughs section on our download page.

What is the definition of "multicolor"?

In a multicolor workflow, the standard CMYK ink set is extended with additional colors, thus enhancing the color space. Especially the 7-ink combination CMYK + OGV, i.e. the additional use of orange, green, and violet, can be very beneficial. With these seven inks, you can cover a very wide range of spot colors without changing inks on the press.

Download & Installation

Where can I find the latest GMG ColorPlugin version?

You can find the current version in our download center under https://gmgcolor.com/support/download/product/colorplugin/.

What should I consider when updating Adobe® Photoshop®?

If the update is only a patch, no action is required. If the update is a new major version (e.g. from CC 2022 to 2023), please download and install GMG ColorPlugin again to make it available in your updated Adobe® Photoshop® version.

How can I uninstall GMG ColorPlugin completely?

The procedure depends on whether you are using GMG ColorPlugin on a Windows or Mac operating system.


Which licenses are available for GMG ColorPlugin?

There are three different soft licenses available:
  • GMG ColorPlugin Standard
  • GMG ColorPlugin Pro
  • GMG ColorPlugin Packaging Pro

Do I need further software or licenses in addition to my GMG ColorPlugin license?

This depends on which plugin features you want to use. For most functions, you only need a suitable Adobe® Photoshop® version (CC 2015 or higher), but some require additional software and / or licenses.

Is there a license dongle available for GMG ColorPlugin?

No, there are no hardware licenses available for GMG ColorPlugin, but soft licenses can be ordered instead. If you are interested in such a license, please contact one of our sales channel partners.

Do I need a new license after updating GMG ColorPlugin?

No, your GMG ColorPlugin license is valid across all versions and does not need to be updated, even when upgrading to a new major version.

Can GMG ColorPlugin be used by multiple user accounts on the same computer?

Yes, GMG ColorPlugin supports user changes on the same hardware as of version 1.3.3 and adjusts all necessary settings automatically in the background for you.

Can I use GMG ColorPlugin from different workplaces?

No, temporary workspace changes, as with floating license models, are not supported because the GMG ColorPlugin license is bound to a specific hardware.

What should I consider when changing my hardware or computer?

GMG ColorPlugin licenses are hardware-bound. If you want to permanently change your computer or replace certain hardware components, you first have to deactivate your current license and request an updated one for the new hardware. To do that, an active internet connection is required.