Job Ticket Report

If a file has been processed with a job ticket, GMG ColorProof generates a Job Ticket Report. The Job Ticket Report is an XML file which contains all results of the processing steps (e.g. the used standard or profile, channels, verification results). The location path of the report can be configured in the System view > General tab.

Job Ticket Report Settings.

In the below screenshot of an example report, you can see the job name in GMG ColorProof, used calibration and media, and the image dimensions. The report details comprise all important information concerning the color management and the used proofing components, and provide useful information on the color accuracy based on the control strip measurements.

Example job ticket report.

You will also receive a detailed report for failed jobs. In this case, the report specifies the affected file and shows related warnings and error messages, so you can resolve issues faster.

Job ticket report for failed job

Example job ticket report for a failed job.

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