Program Overview

Main program window.

The main GMG ColorProof window is divided into the six main views Jobs, History, Workflows, Output, Database, and System. The screenshot shows the Workflows view.

You can switch from one view to another by clicking the appropriate button on the navigation panel (1) on the left side of the main program window.

The Jobs view displays all jobs in progress until they are finished. The History view displays all jobs that are finished. You can print a job again from the History view.

If you are using the GMG ProofControl Inline module, the proof verification status of each job will also be shown in the History view.

The Workflows view displays all hotfolders (2) and linked workflows (3). Multiple workflows can be linked to the same hotfolder.

Each workflow defines all parameters for a specific image processing workflow, from the input images, over color management, load balancing and nesting rules, to the output printer. In the example screenshot, several workflows dedicated to different input formats (PDF and TIFF) and different proof standards (ISO Coated (27L), ISO Uncoated Yellowish (30L), and ISO Newspaper (26 v4) are defined.

All printers (4) that are available for load balancing and their status are also shown in the Workflow view. This way, you can see all important information at a glance.

The info pane (5) provides more information on the item that is currently selected in the list, for example, all images in the selected hotfolder or the parameters of the selected workflow.

The Print Queue (7) gives you a quick overview on the status of all jobs assigned to a printer from the printer pool. You can easily identify a job in the print queue by clicking it with the mouse. The corresponding job will be automatically selected in the Jobs view. A tooltip shows you the job status.

The menus in the menu bar refer to the view with the same name, for example, the Jobs menu lists all commands related to the processing of manual jobs or to the Jobs view itself.

The toolbar (6) provides quick access to often-needed software features such as restarting and deleting a job.