Separated Multi-File Images (1 Bit)

Separated images (one channel per file) are always multi-file formats. Generally, these images are 1-bit TIFFs, but they can also be 8-bit TIFFs (still only one channel per file). This means that the final image is set up in separate input files. Each file has exactly one color channel. These files need to be merged according to the appropriate pattern for this file type to generate the output image.

The following table gives an overview on possible combinations for different input images. With a description file, a pattern recognition is not required (— in Merge Files column).

Image type Filters Merge Files
1-bit TIFF (.tif) TIFF Generic 1-bit, Subfolder as Image, FUJIFILM CelebraNT, or custom pattern recognition
1-bit TIFF (.tif, .tifs) with Sep (.sep) description file GMG RipServer .sep
1-bit TIFF Barco/Esko LEN (.len, .tif) Barco LEN Barco Flex RIP
1-bit Presstek Presstek