1-Bit Creator for PDF/PS Files

Some of the features described in the following may not be included in the standard GMG ColorProof version and require an additional license (GMG DotProof, GMG FlexoProof, GMG ProfileEditor, GMG ProofControl Inline, or GMG OpenColor). Please contact your local dealer for details.

If the input file is not a 1-bit TIFF and DotProof mode is used as proof mode (on the Proof Output page), PDF/PS files are automatically ripped into 1-bit TIFFs by GMG 1-Bit Creator.

Please note that there might be differences in the 1-Bit Creator results between GMG ColorProof and the external RIP that is later used in the plate making process. For simulating ink dot patterns in the printing process with GMG DotProof, the use of the same 1-bit TIFFs from an imagesetter RIP for proofing and for plate making is recommended for a reliable prediction of effects such as moiré.

Even if the same screen is used in GMG ColorProof, the resulting dot pattern cannot be 100 % identical to the RIP output during the plate making process, because the RIP engine and the underlying algorithms might be different.