Proof Verification

Some of the features described in the following may not be included in the standard GMG ColorProof version and require an additional license (GMG DotProof, GMG FlexoProof, GMG ProfileEditor, GMG ProofControl Inline, or GMG OpenColor). Please contact your local dealer for details.

Without a standardized control strip which can be measured by the producer and the customer, any print can just be considered no more than a pretty picture—it may or may not relate to the press output.

Only if a proof is verified against an official print standard, you can be sure it will be possible to reproduce the colors on the press.

  • Customer service: You might want to provide certified standard proofs to your customers.
  • Internal production/quality control: You might want to assess the quality you produce. This might also help to avoid warranty claims and support issues.

So, how can you verify that your proofs are color accurate and meet the requirements of your standards?

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