GMG ProofControl Inline Settings

Note: Some of the features described in the following may not be included in the standard GMG ColorProof version and require an additional license (GMG DotProof, GMG FlexoProof, GMG ProfileEditor, GMG ProofControl Inline, or GMG OpenColor). Please contact your local dealer for details.

Group Short description See also
General Settings Settings that apply to GMG ProofControl Inline in general. For example, you can choose a custom data location on the network.  
Proofer Supporting Direct Label Printing Settings applying only to printers that are physically able to roll back the print medium and print a label next to the control strip.  
Proofer Not Supporting Direct Label Printing If your printer does not support label printing or if you want to print the labels on an external label printer, use these settings to automatically transfer the verification data to the connected label printer.  
Report Printing Apart from printing a label, you can also have a detailed report printed, showing all measured values and giving you a good overview on all parameters.  
Failed Proof Standard Verification

Actions that are triggered automatically if a verification of a proof standard fails after printing a proof control strip. This feature efficiently prevents that several jobs fail the check in a row due to an uncalibrated printer.

If a verification fails, only the calibration set that was used for printing the job and only for the used printer will be set to "Not Calibrated".

When the option Set Printer on Hold is activated, the software printer in GMG ColorProof is set to hold automatically each time the verification of a proof standard control strip fails, giving you the opportunity to check the printer before printing the next job. You can click the Continue button on the Output toolbar to unpause the printer.

Verifying a Proof with GMG ProofControl Inline