December 9, 2019

Wrong PDF processing

The printed proof showed differences in comparison with Adobe Acrobat Pro.

10014, UK-13644
November 26, 2019

Wrong PDF transparency processing

Some PDF transparency groups were wrongly processed

08280, 08900, 09051

Wrong PDF gradient processing

In some jobs, the gradients in PDF files were not processed correctly.

09636, 07916

Spot color gradation in GMG OpenColor DotProof jobs

If a job also contained a CMYK part, the spot color gradations in ColorProof MXD jobs were not applied.

October 23, 2019

Older GMG WebClient version in CP 5.11.1 setup

A message appeared during the installation of the GMG WebClient, stating that a newer version of the GMG WebClient was already installed.

08486, 08507, 08831

Incorrect print mode name for Epson SureColor SC-P7000 LLK

The print mode list showed a wrong name for the print mode of Epson SureColor SC-P7000 LLK on GMG ProofMedia premium semiMatte 250, namely 'GMG Driver - 10c - Photo Black - 720 x 1440 dpi - Test'.


Strange folder and short cut creation after 5.11 installation

The setup created a folder 'newfolder1' and a GMG GamutViewer short cut 'NewShortcut1' in the path C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs.


Printing not possible due to inappropriate CPU SIMD capabilities

On ColorProof systems with insufficient CPU SIMD capabilities some files could not be processed.

Error while reading


Define Spot Color option on non-English application

GMG OpenColor jobs with custom inks, as chosen with the option Define Spot Color, could not be printed if the language was set to any other than English.

09264, 09466, 09475

Printing error after rotating DotProof job

Some LEN files could not be printed if they were rotated.

Unexpected end of printing


Non-applied register shift on the proof

Register shifts in the MX5 profiles did not have an effect on the proof.

October 8, 2019

Verification of GMG OpenColor jobs in DotProof mode not possible

Though the MXD jobs, where some channels were linked to DB3 spot colors, showed a correct preview, the control strip was not printed correctly. One or more process channels were not printed.

07705, 08729, 08955, 09070

Different channel sequence in manual job and XML

If a job was automatically processed through a job ticket hotfolder, it had another channel order than the same job which was opened in the manual job manager. The print order of the channels in the manual job did not match the XML file, and the proofs looked different.

08281, 09063
September 2, 2019

GMG OpenColor jobs with customized spot colors

GMG OpenColor jobs with customized spot color values could not be printed. GMG ColorProof requested the custom ink from GMG OpenColor, resulting in an error.

Printing ink 'custom' could not be found in selected OpenColor proof standard.

08665, 08683, 08739, 08766, US-26692

No paper tint printing in DotProof jobs with only spot colors

DotProof jobs without CMYK channels were printed without paper tint.


Recognition of ICC ‘GraCol2013_GRPC6’ in workflows

Workflows with an ICC profile filter did not recognize files with the tagged ICC ‘GraCol2013_GRPC6’.

August 8, 2019

CollextNxN error during OpenColor MXN processing

An error occurred when placing more than one image or PDF element in a manual job or workflow that uses OpenColor MXN profiles as static or dynamic connection.

Internal error: Unexpected state for function call in module CollextNxN with more than one PDF in job and MXN-based processing

08462, 08534 08539, 08545, US-26497

Error when opening PDF as manual job

When loaded as a manual job, a certain PDF containing special characters in the XMP attributes caused an error.

There is an error in XML document.

July 31, 2019

Jobs with MXD profile and 1-bit control strip

Jobs with an MXD profile and a 1-bit control strip could not be printed.

Error initializing printer queue timedate

07690, 08195, 08307

Wrong calibration information for selected printer

In the right window pane, the information about the maximum age and about the date of the next required calibration for the selected printer was wrong.


Password prompt for EPS file with duplicate channels

Even though the EPS file was not password protected, a password was required when creating a manual job for this file.


Successful GMG ProofControl Inline verification with results displayed as 'failed'

In GMG ColorProof GO, all verification results in the job history showed up as 'failed', even though the verification was successful.


Coating channel manually linked to ‘MXN white’

The coating channel was not printed when it was manually linked to ‘MXN white’ in the channel mapping overview of the manual ColorProof job.


Nesting error in jobs with custom calibration and proof standard

The nesting functionality was not successful in jobs with a custom calibration and a custom proof standard, and the nesting procedure started over and over again, without finishing.


Failed application of sharpening settings in workflow

The sharpening settings that were defined in the Smart Hotfolder were not applied to the generated jobs.


Spot color channel assignment in jobs with MXD profiles

The spot colors in manual jobs with MXD proof standard were not correctly assigned. By default, the spot colors were taken from the DB3 instead of the MXD.

July 1, 2019

Wrong output result for PDFs with radial or axial shading

PDFs with radial or axial shadings had a wrong output result. This RIP error led to a wrong preview in the application or missing elements, overlapping elements, or wrong colors in the proof.

07877, 07925, 07949, 08024, 08041, 25863, 25875, 25967, UK-12057, UK-12089, UK-12111, UK-12116

White spot color behind the control strip

In DotProof jobs, the white spot color was printed behind the DotProof control strip.


Differing names for the ColorProof repository file

While the name of the ColorProof repository file in ColorProof was ‘CP5_Data_100.0.1.pkg’, in error messages for missing profiles this file was referred to as ‘CP5_Data_5.11.0’. This was misleading and suggesting that the full setup did not contain the correct repository file.


Wrong spot color gradation selection in Smart Hotfolder job

Even though the spot color set was defined in the Smart Hotfolder rule set, the gradation of a spot color set in the fallback workflow was applied.

June 7, 2019

Printing and backup errors due to invalid gradations

Spot color gradations containing a blank space in their name or path caused invalid gradations. Thus, neither printing of jobs with spot color gradations nor creating an environment backup was possible.

07647, 07660, UK-11851

Epson SureColor SC-S80600 could not be recalibrated

Depending on the measurement device, the recalibration of the Epson SureColor SC-S80600 was canceled by the application.

[FD9] GetChart failed

[i1iO] Printer Prelinearisation could not be found .... OR_Prelinearisation.MX4

07616, 25498

Displayed lpcm instead of lpi

The screening parameters of 1-bit files were displayed in lpcm instead of lpi in the job.

May 23, 2019

Jobs with Epson printers in 8C mode

Jobs for Epson printers of the series Stylus Pro x900 and SureColor SC-P in 8C mode could not be printed.

Error initializing printer queue

UK-11806, UK-11814

Automatic calibration check without GMG ProofControl Inline license

The automatic calibration check worked even though the customer did not have the license.


Differing values for GMG ProofControl Inline and MX5 profiles

The generated reference values for GMG ProofControl Inline under Database > Proofing Conditions > Proof Standard > Proof Verification > Generate From Proof Standard > From DotProof MX5 differed from the target values in the MX5 profile, which led to bad verification results.


Missing verification setting in environment backup

The setting for failed proof verification under System > ProofControl Inline > Failed Proof Standard Verification > Set Calibration Set to "Not Calibrated" was not included in the environment backup.

May 21, 2019

Copies in manual jobs

Using the ‘copies’ function in a manual job led to an error.

Error placing images

06694, 06730, 07156, 07162, 07313, 07401, 07403, UK-10846, US-24572

Calculation of values with delta E number less than 1

Values with a delta E number less than 1 were not recalculated under ProfileEditor > Measure > Calculate with current and target values

02167, US-20717, US-21211

High delta E values for validation of static MXN proof standards

Instead of being derived from the defined XML, the target values for the validation of static MXN proof standards were always based on the profile.

03343, 04593

Proof verification while printer being ‘on hold’

A proof verification for a custom proof standard was not possible when the printer was in status ‘on hold’.

Image control strips: Proof verification not possible. The installed measuring device does not support the required measurement condition M1.


Wrong spot color mapping in Smart Hotfolder jobs

Smart Hotfolders mapped some spot color separations to the process channels, for example ‘Yellow 012’ to ‘MX Yellow’.


Hotfolder paths in environment restore

Hotfolders on UNC paths were not created in an environment restore when clicking the button 'Create Hotfolders'.


PDF processing in manual jobs

An individual customer’s specific PDF could not be processed in ColorProof.

Unknown job error


MXD channels and DB3 spot colors

The gradation was not applied when a DB3 spot color was used in combination with MXD channels.


AutoCali Wizard Scheduling

The Automatic Calibration Scheduler did not start the calibration at the expected time.


Workflows with PANTONE® PLUS uncoated

In workflows, the PANTONE® PLUS uncoated spot color set could not be used for the combination of Epson SureColor SC-P7000 and ‘GMG Driver – 10c – Photo Black – 720 x 1440 dpi’, and all items were greyed out in the settings.

Import: Select spot color set.


GMG proof standards 'PaC.Space' and 'PSO INP Paper (48L)'

Opening the below-mentioned proof standards for Epson SureColor SC-P7000V by a double-click failed.

‘Epson SC-P7000V – GMG ProofMedia semiMatte 250 - PaC.Space’

‘Epson SC-P7000V – GMG ProofMedia semiMatte 250 - PSO INP Paper (48L)’

‘Epson SC-P7000V – GMG ProofPaper semiMatte light - PaC.Space’

‘Epson SC-P7000V – GMG ProofPaper semiMatte light - PSO INP Paper (48L)’

Unhandled exception has occurred (...) Changing read-only standard not allowed


Moving spot colors in channel list

Moving a spot color to the top of the channel list and above the process channels led to an error.

Print sequence: spot color channels with identical number


OpenColor control strips with more than 8 tints

Some jobs containing an OpenColor control strip with more than 8 tints could not be printed.

Unknown internal error: 80004005 in module strip


MXD job with only spot colors, a control strip, and DB3

A job containing an OpenColor MXD profile, a DotProof spot color control strip, an image with only spot colors, as well as channels mapped to DB3 colors could not be printed.


PDFs with special characters in XMP attributes

No manual job could be created with PDFs containing special characters in the XMP attributes like, for example, ‘ü’, ‘ä’, and ‘ö’.


Workflow and PDFs without embedded ICC profiles

PDFs without output intent ICC embedded were processed by the first workflow in the hotfolder workflow order, even though this workflow contained an embedded ICC profile filter.


Epson driver for matte black

Jobs that should be printed in print mode ‘Epson Driver - Matte Black - 2880x1440 dpi’ failed.


No CMYK printing with ICC proof standard and white print mode

On the Epson SureColor SC-S80600 in white print mode, only the white ink and spot colors have been printed in jobs with an ICC based proof standard, but not the CMYK.


Additional spot color sets in Smart Hotfolder jobs

Further spot color sets could not manually be added to jobs which were generated by a Smart Hotfolder.


File recognition in DotProof workflow with channel mapping rule set

Merged files were not recognized in a DotProof workflow with channel mapping containing the rule set action ‘Define spot color’, but with channel mapping containing the action ‘replace with’ or ‘map to db3’.