January 21, 2021

GMG DotProof – Printing jobs with channel mapping

Jobs containing a GMG DotProof profile, a spot color mapped to custom CMYK values as well as a spot color strip could not be printed. They remained in the job list where an individual error message was shown.

Error in [first separation’s path name]


GMG ProofControl and ILS30 – Missing job preview

If control strips were measured with the X-Rite ILS30 device, the thumbnail preview in GMG ProofControl was missing.


GMG SpotColor Editor – Adding new fulcrums

The Add fulcrum function did not work properly. While the C value was calculated correctly, the MYK values were not, but instead only copies of the c-value.


Failing test chart measurement

The standard GMG_TC3-K_random_Epson-ILS30_17inch test chart could not be measured.

Your job ended with a std exception.


GMG DotProof - Neglected gradation curve

The gradation curve assigned to a spot color set in a GMG DotProof workflow was ignored and had no influence on the spot color output.


GMG DotProof - Failing measurement for spot colors only jobs

If GMG DotProof jobs contained only spot color channels, their CMYK control strip was not measured. Instead of measuring, the printer display showed the message Resetting printer, and approximately 30 cm of white paper was fed before cutting the proof.

Measurement failed: Fatal Error!


GMG ColorProof GO - Cloud connection from China

From systems in China, GMG ColorProof GO could not connect to the Cloud. We improved the GMG Cloud Service availability for those systems.


Wrong screening information

In a specific case, the separation’s screening rule and angle was not read correctly from the jobticket hotfolder’s XML file.


GMG DotProof – Wrong preview for white channel jobs

If GMG DotProof jobs contained a white channel, their image preview was wrong.


Software freeze

If the auto-update pop-up appeared during paper calibration, GMG ColorProof froze.


Duplicate function for manual jobs

Specifying a number of copies for manual jobs containing a 6-tint-strip led to an error.

A problem during TIFF reading occurred

December 7, 2020

Corrupt preview for GMG OpenColor Control Strip 6 Tints

The preview for GMG OpenColor Control Strip 6 Tints was not correct and showed a yellow box with the dimensions of the control strip.

13329, 13302

No effect of Missing Dots setting

The colored Missing Dots, as defined in the GMG OpenColor project, were not visible on the proof.

November 19, 2020

Roland LEC - Printers in offline status

Sometimes, Roland LEC printers connected via TCP/IP, lost the connection to GMG ColorProof.


Konica Minolta FD9 - Failing calibration of Epson SureColor SC-S80600

Epson SureColor SC-S80600 printers could not be calibrated with the Konica Minolta FD9 measurement device.

CaliWizard error for printer: Epson SC-S80600 internal Error: GetChart failed


Spot color mapping in 1-bit-to-Contone jobs

Mapping two spot color channels to the same spot color caused a wrong color result on a third, unrelated spot color in the job.

October 29, 2020

GMG ColorProof GO - Wrong printer status

Sometimes, the printer overview in GMG ColorProof GO showed a wrong printer status. This fault occurred with certain browser languages only.

[e.g.] Calibrated 86 years ago

12747, 12919, UK30959

GMG ColorProof GO – Unknown users

In the system overview, GMG ColorProof GO showed unknown users with an expired GMG ColorPlugin license.


Jobticket – Ignored XML print order

The print order, as defined in the XML file, was overwritten by other print order definitions, e.g. by the definition in the XMP file.


Konica Minolta FD9 - Failing pre-linearization with GMG CaliWizard

The pre-linearization chart layout was not suitable for Konica Minolta FD9 measurements. The distance between the last row and the GMG logo was too small, which led to a high measurement error rate.

Wrong chart detected

October 08, 2020

Epson SureColor SC-Px500 - No auto-calibration without drying time

If the drying time was deactivated, the auto-calibration of Epson SureColor SC-Px500 printers was not possible.

September 28, 2020

Epson SureColor SC-Px500 - Failing calibration

An auto-calibration of an Epson SureColor SC-P7500/9500 was not possible. The printer froze after receiving the second pre-linearization test chart.

12942, 13208, 13208, 13235, 13235, 13240, 13241, 13250, 13251

Epson SureColor SC-Px500 - Paper feed after canceling job

When a job had been canceled, the Epson SureColor SC-P7500/9500 fed an amount of blank paper.

September 17, 2020

X-Rite i1 iO Pro3 - Patch mode measurements

If the X-Rite iO Pro3 was selected as measuring device, the CaliWizard measured all test charts in patch mode instead of scan mode.

12203, 12435

Unrecognized paths in hotfolders

After correcting an invalid path in the hotfolder settings, the hotfolder’s general status remained invalid.


Epson SureColor SC-P7500/9500 - Paper feed after control strip measuring

After measuring the job control strip, the Epson SureColor SC-Px500 fed a large amount of paper before printing the verification results.

12496, 13118

Konica Minolta Auto Scan Spectrophotometer FD-9 – Recognition in CaliWizard

The Konica Minolta Auto Scan Spectrophotometer FD-9 was not recognized in the CaliWizard.

No device found. Please reconnect your device and retry. (…)


Error in jobs with rotated images

GMG OpenColor jobs with rotated images could not be printed.

Error initializing printer queue


Epson SureColor SC-S80600 and X-Rite i1 Pro3 - Calibration error

It was not possible to create a new calibration for the Epson SureColor SC-S80600 with the X-Rite i1 Pro3. The process stopped after printing the visual test form.

CaliWizard error for printer: Epson SC-S80600: The process cannot access the file ‘C:\Users\GMG\*downloadedcharts.zip’ because it is being used by another process.

12894, US-30626
August 19, 2020

Error for GMG OpenColor MXD jobs containing 11+ spot colors

GMG DotProof jobs could not be printed if they contained a CMYK MXD profile, a GMG DotProof control strip, and eleven or more DB3 spot colors.

Cannot print control strip. Reason: Image has no process color channels. (DotProof)


Error for Jobs with 5 or 6 tints control strip

Some jobs containing a GMG OpenColor 5- or 6-tint control strip showed an error.

Unknown internal error: 80004005 in module Strip


No calibration creation wizard with X-Rite i1Pro3

If the X-Rite i1 Pro3 was chosen as measurement device, the calibration creation wizard could not be used.


Failing measurement with X-Rite i1 Pro3 in GMG SpotColor Editor

In the GMG SpotColor Editor, it was not possible to measure with the X-Rite i1 Pro3.

No device connected


Failing GMG ProofControl Inline verification with special character µ

If the MXN profile name contained the special character µ, the GMG ProofControl Inline label was not printed for GMG OpenColor jobs. The verification details in the GMG ColorProof history showed a yellow question mark.

Proof verification not possible: Internal error: Could not load the Print Standard definition XML


XML job with spot color gradation

If Jobs created by a job ticket hotfolder contained a spot color gradation, an error was displayed in the list. However, no error was displayed when opening the job details.

Nesting error: Gradation mapping from job ticket invalid.


Changed print sequence after channel mapping

If the workflow’s channel mapping mapped spot colors to process colors, the print order defined in the XMP information was ignored.


GMG ColorProof GO - Case sensitivity when adding new users

When trying to add an already existing user with the same email address but different case sensitivity, GMG ColorProof GO did not show a warning. The system created a new account, leading to the user being twice in the system.


GMG ColorProof GO - User deletion

It was not possible to delete users from the list in GMG ColorProof GO. Clicking the trash can symbol had no effect.

June 30, 2020

Failing automatic environment backup

The automatic environment backup creation failed if it was scheduled to be starting only a few minutes later than the current time.

11956, 12012, 12028, 12033, 12076, 12126, 12210

Illegible proof label

The words in the GMG ProofControl Inline label were printed on top of each other when the color difference formula dCMC was used.

10592, 10660, 10681, 10856

Missing workflows in GMG ColorProof GO

GMG ColorProof GO connected to two GMG ColorProof systems did not show any workflows after switching from one GMG ColorProof system to the other.

11657, 11759, 11810

Epson SureColor SC-P7500 - PCI job strip verification error for large jobs

For large jobs printed on the Epson SureColor SC-P7500, the measured values of job strips were missing in the GMG ProofControl Inline verification overview.


Epson SureColor SC-P7500- Jobs with two different media wedges

Jobs for the Epson SureColor SC-P7500 with two different image control strips were not printed. In the job list, the jobs remained in the status Ready.


Epson Stylus Pro 7900- Auto-calibration on newspaper

The calibration of Epson Stylus Pro 7900 on newspaper was not possible with the measurement device ILS30. GMG AutoCali Wizard was not enabled because it supported only ILS20 for this combination.


Epson SureColor SC with ILS30 - Failing automatic test chart measurement

The 1-bit test chart GMG_ECI2002_random_Epson-ILS30_17inch could not be measured automatically by the integrated measuring device.


Creating a GMG ProofControl standard based on an ICM profile

When the feature Generate From Proof Standard > From Output Intent ICC was used for an ICM based proof standard, no proof verification reference data was generated.


May 28, 2020

Slow processing of 1bit files

On some GMG ColorProof systems, separated 1bit files were processed slowly.

US-26778, 09008, 09096, 09270, 09474, 11623

GMG ColorProof DotProof jobs with nesting

If the workflow contained an active nesting, DotProof jobs could not be printed.

Unexpected end of printing


Epson SureColor SC-Px500 missing in GMG ProfileEditor list

The printers Epson SureColor SC-P7500 and Epson SureColor SC-P9500 were not listed in GMG ProfileEditor.


Error measuring GMG_ECI2002_random_i1iO in GMG ProfileEditor

The test chart GMG_ECI2002_random_i1iO could not be measured with the X-Rite i1iO table.


Error for DotProof job with spot color control strip

DotProof jobs with both a single separation and the GMG SpotColor Control Strip - Full Tone V1.0 could not be processed.

April 22, 2020

Combination of DB3 spot colors and a GMG OpenColor profile with compensation curve

If a job contained both DB3 spot colors and a GMG OpenColor MXD profile with compensation curve, the CMYK part of the job changed its color impression.


DB3 gradation applied to GMG OpenColor spot colors

If a color was present in both a GMG OpenColor project and a DB3-based spot color set with spot color gradation (*sfg file), the spot color gradation was incorrectly applied to the GMG OpenColor-based spot color.

March 26, 2020

Availability of profiles from a service update

When adding proof standards installed via service update, the profiles linked in them were not downloaded and installed. As a result, the proof standards were displayed but rendered unusable.
The affected proof standards were displayed in gray and italics.

10895, 10916, 11143

Roland VersaCAMM VS - Error for jobs with silver channel

Printing jobs with a silver channel on a Roland VersaCAMM VS series printer failed.

Sonderfarbinformationen können nicht gelesen werden (CombineNxNChains).

February 28, 2020

Reset of spot color priority in a manual job

Resetting the channel mapping in a manual job also undid all changes to the priority of spot color databases in the same job.


Epson SureColor SC-P75x0—Failing automatic test chart measurement

The PDF test chart GMG_ECI2002_random_Epson-ILS30_17inch could not be measured automatically by the integrated measuring device of the Epson SureColor SC-P75x0, whereas the same test chart in TIFF format was successfully measured.


Epson SureColor SC-P75x0—Missing validation of GMG OpenColor control strip

GMG OpenColor control strips were not measured by the internal measurement device of the Epson SureColor SC-P75x0. During measurement, the printer panel changed to the status Canceling. The job remained in the GMG ColorProof job list and was not finished. The label was not printed on the proof.


Epson SureColor P75x0—Validation of job control strip with wrong measurement condition

Job control strips of jobs with the ISO Coated v2 (39L) proof standard, printed on an Epson SureColor SC-P75x0, were verified with the measurement condition M1 instead of M0.


Black image label on RGB ICC proofs

The background of the image label was black if the job contained an RGB ICC profile, e.g. eciRGB_v2.icc.


French UI - Failing environment backup for localized imposition proofer

After adding an ICC profile to the imposition proofer, the creation of an environment backup on a GMG ColorProof system with French UI was not possible anymore.


Log reset triggering patch installation

Resetting the GMG ColorProof error logs under Help > Technical Support > Reset System Log triggered a pop-up request to install the latest patch.

February 18, 2020

German UI - Unreadable proof label

When the language of GMG ColorProof was set to German, the words in the GMG ProofControl Inline label were printed on top of each other.

10592, 10660, 10681, 10856

Color sequence error for job ticket jobs

GMG ColorProof reported an error for some jobs containing a combination of dynamic GMG OpenColor inks and DB3 spot colors. The workaround was to open the job and click the Print button.

Nesting Error: Channel Print Order not correctly defined in job ticket.

06812, 07086, 08281

Calibration of Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6450

The Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6450 printer could not be calibrated. The TC3 chart was not measured.

10701, 10770

German UI - Calibration of Epson SureColor SC-P75x0

The Epson SureColor SC-P75x0 printer could not be calibrated when the language of GMG ColorProof was set to German. The measured values were wrong.

10757, 10795

GMG OpenColor DotProof jobs without CMY and with control strip

The processing of 1-bit files with an MXD profile, without CMY separations, and with a control strip led to an error.

Initialization error


GMG ColorProof GO connection

A working GMG ColorProof GO sometimes could not reach the GMG ColorProof system anymore after a few hours . All actions performed in the browser, for example the commands to pause a job, to change media, or to calibrate, were not communicated back to GMG ColorProof until a restart.


Unrecognized proof standard in Job ticket XML

When the proof standard in an XML job was not recognized, the job remained in the status Processing instead of showing an error message.


GMG ColorProof installation without internet access

The setup of GMG ColorProof on systems without internet access remained too long in the status preparing downloads.


German UI - Unreadable import dialog

When importing items to the GMG ColorProof database, a dialog box is displayed. This dialog box was corrupt. The contents were not readable when the language of GMG ColorProof was set to German.


Failing verification of DotProof jobs on remote system

The verification of remote DotProof jobs failed if the proof standard was missing on the target system.

January 01, 2020

Wrong tint or gradient interpretation

Some tints or gradients in PDF files were applied in a wrong way.

08900, 09051, 09577, 09636, 07916, 08280, 10014, UK-13644

Processing of PostScript files

In version, it was not possible to process PostScript files.

[in hotfolder jobs] Error in normalizing PS file. Please, see log file for details.

[in manual jobs] File cannot be detected as image file.

09976, 09999, 10001,10218, 10275, 10339

Custom LAB definition in OpenColor jobs

In GMG OpenColor jobs, the defined LAB values under Define Spot Color in the manual job manager were not accepted for printing.

Printing ink Custom cannot be found in selected OpenColor proof standard.

09693, 09950, 10190,10191, 10356

Manual change to screening parameters

Manual changes to the screening parameters of a 1-bit DotProof control strip were not saved.


Gradation curves and spot colors in MXD jobs

The gradation curve was applied to a spot color only if the job was printed without the CMYK part of the MXD file.


Automatic Environment Backup Scheduler

The automatic environment backup was not performed at the right time defined in the scheduler. For example: The first two days, the backup started at 10:15 am, the next two days at 10:16 am, the following days at 10:17, and so on.


ProofControl Standard for MX4 files

For some MX4 files, no GMG ProofControl standard could be generated by using the functionality under Database > Proofing Conditions > open Custom Proof Standard > Proof Verification tabbed page > Generate from Proof Standard > From Contone MX4. In GMG ProfileEditor, however, this reference could be generated for the same target values.


GMG ProofControl Inline label format

The label on some jobs was wrongly printed, some rows overlapped.


Loading of TIFF files

TIFF files with missing ‘bits per sample’ values could not be processed.

One or more files could not be recognized as image files. Please check whether the files contain valid image data and whether the specified pattern recognition is correct.


White patches in GMG CaliWizard

Users of an Epson SureColor SC-S80600 were faced with a display error. While the calibration test charts were printed and measured correctly, their patches were wrongly displayed in white in the Create Calibration option.