October 23, 2019
New PANTONE® Coated & Uncoated Spot Color Sets
PANTONE® added 294 new colors to the previous versions of PANTONE® Coated & Uncoated formula guides.
New GMG ProofMedia studio OBA semiMatte 200
GMG ProofMedia studio OBA semiMatte 200 enables proofing of products printed on coated production paper containing optical brightening agents (OBAs) such as magazines or brochures but also packaging.
July 31, 2019
Avoid unnecessary recalibration—with an automatic check upfront

In GMG ColorProof, a recalibration in regular intervals ensures the highest proofing stability and color accuracy. With the new feature Calibration Check Upfront, the Automatic Calibration Scheduler is now able to decide without user interaction whether the printer needs to be recalibrated or not. This enables a fully automated printer calibration process.

The calibration control strip upfront detects the calibration status of the printer with high accuracy and a recalibration is performed only, if the result is above a user defined threshold. This feature saves valuable production time, ink, and media for unnecessary recalibrations.

ColorProof GO gets interactive—with job and printer actions
So far, ColorProof GO has already enabled you to comfortably monitor your proofing systems and printers, and to keep track of your proof jobs from anywhere at anytime. Now, the browser based application offers you a simple remote job management as well.
PANTONE released a new collection of metallic colors, combining previous versions of PANTONE Metallic coated and PANTONE PREMIUM METALLICS coated, plus additional 54 colors and a new Rose Gold base ink.
May 21, 2019
ColorProof GO: Job details, printers, and more
We extended the capabilities of GMG ColorProof GO, to provide you with an even better overview for web proofing across sites.
Adobe PDF Print Engine 5.1

The integrated RIP of GMG ColorProof is based on the Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE). To provide compatibility with the latest PDF technology and Adobe CC applications, the Print Engine has been updated to 5.1.

For more information, please follow the link to the Adobe website:


New printer-media combinations

For Epson SureColor SC-P 6000/7000 STD series, new calibration sets and profiles supporting Photo Black ink have been added, so that no switch between Photo and Matte Black inks is required anymore when using multiple GMG proof media types.

Epson SureColor SC-P 6000/8000, 8c - PhotoBlack - 720x1440 dpi - SCX on GMG ProofPaper matte 140

Epson SureColor SC-P 5000-LLK/7000-LLK/9000-LLK, 8c - PhotoBlack - 720x1440 dpi - SCX on GMG ProofPaper matte 140

New proof standards
PSO MFC Paper (41L), PSO SNP Paper (42L), PSO LWC Standard (46L) on Epson SureColor SC-P 6000/7000 printers and GMG ProofMedia premium OBA semiMatte 250
Automated patch notification
Instead of checking the GMG website, downloading a patch, and manually install it, there is now a very easy way to ensure that GMG ColorProof is always up to date. What's more, GMG will deliver patches on a more frequent basis to make your proofing system as reliable as possible.
User experience
And some more exciting news from our GMG team: In recent years, investing more effort in improving the user experience of our products, we have learned to establish a culture and mindset that embraces user experience with lean-agile working methods adapted from the Lean Startup movement and Scaled Agile Framework. Our guiding principle of lean UX is continuous exploration—the quest of truly understanding the problems we encounter in our industry and persistently moving forward to build evidence for potential solutions and improving them until we can give the best possible value.