Simulate Metallic Inks in Prototype Proofing


Metallic inks are not only used as a design element in luxury packaging such as cosmetics or tobacco products, but also more and more commonly for food products such as chewing gums or chocolate. In order to simulate these inks already during prototype proofing, various inkjet systems offer metallic inks. However, the result is often not satisfying. If you want it to be really shiny and are not satisfied with the grayish appearance of metallic inks available for inkjet systems, learn how GMG Prototype Proofing is solving this issue.

With the high-end proofing and profiling technologies of GMG ColorProof and GMG OpenColor combined, you can achieve astonishing metallic effects by printing standard inks on a metallic foil on an Epson SureColor SC-S80600. You will be able to simulate any metallic color such as PANTONE® Metallics or any custom color. Less metallic colors are simulated by printing a white undercoat. By applying the right amount of white ink, you can control the metallic effect and shininess specifically for each color. A paper tint simulation is automatically printed on areas without motive, to get an accurate simulation of the final production stock.

Prototype proofing of a chewing gum packaging

Prototype proof of a chewing gum packaging. In areas without motive as on the left side, 100% white is automatically printed on the foil. Non-metallic inks are defined with 100% white in the spot color library. Just the right amount of white ink is used to achieve a realistic simulation of the metallic effect of the two metallic inks.

You can use any metallic foil supported by Epson SureColor SC-S80600. You just need to create a custom calibration set for GMG ColorProof and an output condition for GMG OpenColor. The GMG Calibration Creation Wizard, for which GMG received the “Award for Innovation” at the Global Label Industry Awards 2019, will guide you through this process.

You then define your individual metallic spot color library in GMG OpenColor and you are ready to go!

Follow the guide to see step-by-step how to do prototype proofing with a metallic foil on an Epson SureColor SC-S80600.