First Things to Do

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Step What to do How to do it See also
1 Configure your system  The first thing after installation and licensing is to configure the product components. First, you need to configure the server, than the workers (in case you are using them on another system). Following that, each client has to be connected to the server (Settings > Network). If all components are used locally on one system, the system is automatically configured and you can skip the configuration.

Initial Configuration


2 Set up a hotfolder location Following the configuration of the system components, you need to set up hotfolder locations (shared locations which can be accessed by all clients).

Creating a Hotfolder Location

3 Set up resources

In this step, you fill the system with color management items which are shown on the Resources tabbed page. Most of these are presets which can be linked to multiple hotfolders.


4 Set up hotfolders

Now that the system is basically set up, you can define hotfolders which can be considered as containers for the resources with some additional settings.


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