Due to the architectural changes, a direct upgrade of former versions to GMG ColorServer 5 is technically not possible. If you, however, have GMG ColorServer 4.9 and later, you can use our Migration Tool for easily migrating your existing resources to the new version.

The application can be installed either to the default installation path of the operating system or to a custom folder. (If you install the client and the server application on the same computer, both applications must be installed in the same folder.)

You can also select a custom location for the server data, i. e. resources such as color profiles and jobs.

How to install GMG ColorServer

  1. You can install the program directly from the purchased DVD.
  2. If you downloaded the program from the GMG website, copy the ZIP file to a local drive.
  3. Extract all compressed files.
  4. Double-click the installer file with the file name extension "exe" to start the installation.
  5. Follow the instructions of the installer.
  6. If you want to install the application to a custom folder, add a check mark to the Use custom destination folder option.
  7. Deselect all features you do not want to install.
  8. The installer informs you when the installation is complete. Click the Finish button to close the installer.