Product Components

GMG ColorServer has a client-server architecture, so the server can operate on any computer in your network. All components can be installed locally, on one computer, or distributed over the network. GMG ColorServer comes with one installer for all components. You can select the single components during the installation procedure.

The following table provides you with information on the different components, followed by typical installation scenarios.

Component Description See also

The server is the centerpiece of GMG ColorServer and centrally stores all profiles, templates, and status information. It can be run 'headless' in a datacenter with multiple users administering the server over clients. Including an automatic load balancing, the server distributes the incoming files to processing queues.

Client Clients can be used by multiple users to access the server and submit jobs, manage resources and hotfolders or monitor the job status right from the desktop. Clients can be installed on a Windows or Mac computer.  
Hotfolder Service The advantage of a hotfolder service over a standard shared folder is its capability to communicate with the server. A service thus enables a high-performance load balancing and resource availability across shared locations. With help of these distributed hotfolders there is no need to map network drives on the GMG ColorServer machine, these network drives can be directly accessed by the Hotfolder Service.  

All processing can be offloaded to "workers" which can be installed locally or on a separate computer to run as additional worker instances.

Paper Adaptation Tool This tool helps to adapt a print standard or custom profile to your specific print substrate, bridging the gap between printing according to a print standard and printing visually consistent colors. The conversion keeps all colors as close as possible to the selected color space, only adapting the media white point. Paper Adaptation Tool
ProfileEditor / SpotColorEditor

Profiling and spot color tools to create your own profiles and spot color databases or edit the supplied ones.