Welcome to GMG ColorServer

GMG ColorServer is a versatile program for a broad range of color management tasks. More than a standard color server, the software comes with high-end DeviceLink technology to get the most out of your PDFs and images, delivering press-ready files in reproducible high-end quality.

Main features

  • Custom spot color and profile creation with GMG OpenColor
  • Intelligent, industry-standard PDF processing (integration and full support of the latest Adobe PDF Library)
  • Central data storage for multiple clients
  • Sophisticated load balancing
  • Interface to third party workflow systems such as Dalim TWIST or Enfocus Switch
  • Automated job processing of job tickets (XML/JDF)


  • Reliable color consistency throughout the production chain
  • Press-ready flattened and color managed PDFs
  • Smooth gradients, high detail in the shadows, bright and colorful images
  • Preservation of the black channel and pure colors
  • Consistent color appearance across different substrates
  • Simple configuration of typical tasks in day-to-day production
  • High performance through parallel job processing and automated workflows


GMG ColorServer comes in three solution bundles. Everything you need for the task is right at your hands. You will not need any additional licenses or options. This includes GMG InkOptimizer for conventional printing, EcoSave for digital printing, and GMG OpenColor, the award winning profiler that accurately predicts the overprinting behavior and color interplay with only a minimum of measurement data and test charts required.