In GMG ColorServer, application data management (and job handling) is done on the client(s) side and automatically uploaded to the server. This way, multiple workstations can access and control the same hotfolders, jobs, and resources. Resources can be color and processing presets (1), but also profiles and spot color libraries (2).

Each client has access to the centralized stored resources, e.g. one client (for example, on a Macintosh computer) can upload profiles to the server which can be also used by another client (for example, on a Windows computer).

The same resource can be used in multiple jobs and hotfolders. Changing a resource leads to changes in all linked jobs and hotfolders.

Resources linked to a selected hotfolder or GMG SmartProfiler resource are listed on the info pane on the right side of the main window (3). You can click a link to directly navigate to the linked resource and edit it.

All resources are stored on the server in: %SystemDrive%/Users/Public/GMG/ ColorServer/Server/ApplicationResources. The path can be changed via the GMG Server Configurator.