About GMG SmartProfiler

GMG SmartProfiler helps you to create printer calibrations and color profiles for digital and large format printers. This optional feature extends GMG ColorServer with profiling functionality. Thanks to the step-by-step structure, any user can calibrate, recalibrate, and profile digital and large format printing systems without expertise in color management.

Generally, you start with creating a new printer–medium combination, which will be saved as a SmartProfiler resource on the server. This resource holds all information required to calculate a profile such as measurement data and printer-medium definition you provide. From this SmartProfiler resource, the system automatically publishes a hotfolder and corresponding color profiles within GMG ColorServer. You can then drop input documents into the hotfolder and GMG ColorServer will automatically optimize them for the profiled printer–medium combination.

Please follow the link to get started with GMG SmartProfiler:

Optimize Your Colors with GMG

GMG SmartProfiler technologies

Depending on the GMG ColorServer version you are using, you will have access to one of the following GMG SmartProfiler types, based on different technologies:

  • SmartProfiler Spectral: Based on spectral measurements instead of Lab. In the background, GMG OpenColor will serve as a profiling client and will automatically provide the appropriate test charts. Included in the GMG ColorServer Digital and GMG ColorServer Multicolor solutions.
  • SmartProfiler Lab: Based on MX4 technology. Available as an option for the standard GMG ColorServer version. Will also be available in the GMG ColorServer Digital and GMG ColorServer Multicolor solutions for calibration and recalibration of already existing hotfolders during the transition phase from SmartProfiler Lab to Spectral.