Ink Saving Report

Ink saving solutions usually guarantee to reduce the ink consumption up to a certain degree, depending on the printing process and the used media, but what is the actual monetary benefit for the printing process and media you are using? Find out with our Ink Saving Report Tool.

The GMG Ink Saving Report Tool is a small external application allowing you to estimate the monetary benefit of GMG InkOptimizer profiles. If the option Calculate Ink Savings is selected in a PDF Processing template, GMG ColorServer will automatically create ink saving calculations for all files processed by this template. These calculations are saved on the server, and can be loaded and presented by the GMG Ink Saving Report Tool.

Using this option requires ripping of vector objects both of the input documents and the output documents. This leads to intense calculations, depending on the number and complexity of vector or PDF objects. The processing time is increased. Jobs will stay longer in the job list, even though the output PDF might already be sent to the output folder. This option also affects the overall computer performance.

The ink saving report can provide only an approximation of the actual ink savings. Ripping the data leads to a conversion of RGB objects to the default CMYK color space. Spot colors are excluded from the calculation. (If you want to include spot colors, you will need to convert them to CMYK before the GMG InkOptimizer profile is applied.) Processing steps following GMG ColorServer such as gradation corrections applied in CTP RIP software might also affect ink consumption. It is recommended to use a PDF containing only CMYK objects to achieve the best approximation.