May 11, 2020

Update Host function missing in Hotfolder Service Configurator

In the User Interface of the Hotfolder Service Configurator, the function Update Host for hotfolder locations (Resources > Hotfolder Locations) was missing.


March 19, 2020

Wrong numbers in ink savings report

The estimation of the ink coverage was wrong if a PDF page contained spot colors or ICC based color spaces.

02802, 07446, 25110

Report policy value reset after workflow adding

If a further workflow was added to a hotfolder, the report policy for this workflow was wrongly reset to Always when saving the hotfolder.


French OS - Adding new fulcrums to spot color gradation curve

Due to a reading error of the decimal marker, the input values for a new fulcrum were not saved to the spot color gradation curve. This error only occurred on the French OS.


PDFs with color key masks

If the copy operation of an image's color key mask failed, the PDF processing failed.

Couldn't create image from stream.


Large output file from PDF with many shadings

If a PDF file contained many shadings, many new color spaces were created instead of sharing a single color space. Thus, a lot of unnecessary data has been created, and the file size of the output PDF increased significantly.


Failed PDF flattening with Preserve Overprint for All Colors

If black text was set to overprint on a PDF page, the processing could stop.

The number of elements in group and preserve black overprint elements are different.


High CPU load of AppService.exe

Due to a very frequent access from GMG ColorServer Server to the GMG AppService, the CPU load of the AppService.exe was very high if the license dongle contained many licenses.


Wrong spot color conversion to CMYK with values from PDF

If the colorant order in a color space with spot colors has been already changed in a previous profile conversion step, the alternate CMYK color space was not updated accordingly, and the resulting CMYK values were wrong.


Wrong JPEG image resolution after conversion

The reading of the EXIF resolution tags in a JPEG file didn’t work properly.


November 20, 2019

Saving of GMG SmartProfilertest charts

The initialization of the file worker failed because the synchronization with the file repository didn’t work. SmartProfiler was not able to save test charts into the output folder.

09392, 09708

PDF worker initialization for PDF/X output processor

The first job after the worker initialization was not correctly processed. This could only happen if the attachment of a PDF/X output intent was enabled in the PDF template.

No MX profile was selected or is available.


Missing ICC substitution rule for image worker

If the server was under high load, the first job after the worker initialization was not correctly processed.

ICC-MX substitution activated but no substitution rule was selected.


October 14, 2019

Missing SmartProfiler recalibration buttons

Recalibration was not possible, because the buttons for recalibration and profile iteration were missing in the tool bar of the measurement view.


MX4 to MX4X conversion

The automatic conversion of imported MX4 files into the XML fomat did not work.

Profile type not supported.


No PDF processing with spot color conversion

PDF files got stuck in processing if the option Use CMYK values from file if spot color not found was activated.


September 26, 2019

Connection time out during hotfolder PDF processes

Sometimes, the connection to the workers timed out when a large number of PDF's were processed in a hotfolder.

PDF Input file with the ID {xxx123} was not found in the repository.


Backup errors

Various error messages were displayed during the creation of a ColorServer backup.