5.2.30 029
June 14, 2021

Wrong rendering of overprinting DeviceN elements

When converting overprinting DeviceN objects, some of these elements have been rendered incorrectly.


Blocked file processing after job with damaged JPEG file

After failing with processing an invalid JPEG file, any subsequent files were not processed either.


Remaining CMYK elements after PDF conversion to RGB

After converting a PDF using a normalization to an RGB color space, some CMYK elements remained.


PDF processing error due to temp and working files with special characters

As some temp files created by the PDF worker contained special characters, the PDF processing stopped with an error message.

Couldn't create image from stream.


Empty spot color channels after conversion to CMYK

If converting a multicolor PDF to CMYK, spot colors were correctly converted to CMYK but empty spot color channels remained in the file. (Resolved only in combination with GMG OpenColor or higher.)


Japanese, Chinese, and Korean UI - Missing file types for Custom Input Color Space

In GMG SmartProfiler LAB, it was not possible to select a custom source color space with ICC profiles (*.icc, *.icm) or CGATS files (*cgats, *txt), as these files were not listed in the browsing tab.


Black text turning to DeviceN element after flattening

When converting text defined as overprinting ICCBased full tone black element with Transparency Group, it was transformed to a DeviceN element without overprint, causing the text to knock out.


Wrong font mapping for jobs with flattening option "All Color"

If the flattening option was set to All Color for a PDF with index numbers in file name, the included fonts were not mapped correctly.


High image compression after conversion from RGB to CMYK

When converting a JPEG file from RGB to CMYK, the file pixel factor was changed, leading to lower quality.


Long processing time for HP SmartStream PDF/VT files

For PDF files with variable data (PDF/VT) created by HP SmartStream, processing took several hours instead of a few minutes.


Darker black gradient after conversion from CMYK to CMYK+OGV

If an element with ICCBased CMYK color space included a black gradient defined as Transparency Group with Alpha Channel, this gradient was too dark after converting from CMYK to CMYK+OGV.


Ghent PDF Output Suite 5.0 - Incorrect image processing

Due to wrong processing of ICCBased images, the Ghent PDF Output Suite 5.0 could not be converted correctly.


5.2.20 025
January 26, 2021

Content error during PDF processing

During PDF file processing, an error message occurred.

The content of the document could not be set.

05728, UK-12162, 13794, 13907, 74246, 217091

Processing error for unknown reason

The PDF file processing failed with an error message.

Job could not be processed for an unknown reason.


Empty spot color channels in PDF after conversion

If a PDF contained spot colors, the empty spot color channels were not deleted from it after converting to ECG.


Wrong DeviceN element output after conversion

During the conversion with MXN profiles (e.g. CMYK - CMYKOV), identical colorant names caused the color values of DeviceN elements to be overwritten by the calculated output values for the CMYK part.


GMG SmartProfiler - Incomplete PDF calculation

With flattening activated, the PDF altona_visual_1v2a_x3.pdf was only calculated up to 52% and then got stuck in processing.


GMG SmartProfiler - Selecting a CMYK MXN calibration after update

After updating GMG ColorServer, CMYK MXN calibrations could not be selected in the conversion template’s dropdown menu anymore, despite being used and recalibrated correctly in the background.


5.2.10 834
November 26, 2020

DALIM ES – Failing job processing

Occasionally, the job processing failed when GMG Link and GMG ColorServer were interacting. We improved the server stability to prevent unwanted behavior.

12810, 13848

French UI - Recalibration error

If the French UI was used, the recalibration of GMG SmartProfiler resources caused an error.

Error saving MX profile to temp location


August 31, 2020

GMG SmartProfiler on Mac client: Missing printer type

The printer type could not be selected from the drop-down list in new SmartProfiler Lab resources.


GMG SmartProfiler on Mac client: Crash after saving new resource

Newly created SmartProfiler Lab resources could not be saved.


August 12, 2020

Missing elements in PDF after conversion

After normalizing including transparency flattening, some objects were no longer rendered into the PDF file and were therefore missing in the final result.


No host update after computer change

After the computer had been renamed or changed, it was not possible to update the host name for hotfolder locations in the Hotfolder Service Configurator.


July 7, 2020

Process abort with PDF files containing a pattern color space

The processing of PDF files containing a pattern color space may have failed with an error.

Job could not be processed for an unknown reason.


June 18, 2020

Slow job processing after automatic job cleanup

Due to the slow creation of log files during the automatic job cleanup, subsequent new jobs were not processed immediately. The delay in processing the new jobs could take several hours.


MacOS 10.15: failing installation of GMG ColorServer Client

Due to changed security guidelines in the operating system macOS 10.15, the installation package for GMG ColorServer Client could not be processed.


ICC conversion of CalRGB color space

Due to the missing adaption of the white point of CalRGB color spaces, ICC conversions could have a too yellowish or bluish result.