5.3.00 054 (Win)
5.3.00 055 (Mac)
December 1, 2021

Several PDF processing issues

We have integrated the latest Adobe® PDF Library 18.0.4, fixing several issues related to PDF processing and increasing overall stability.

00170, 01329, 01469, 02696, 03031, 03961, 03991, 04026, 04426, 04758, 05863, 07336, 09136, 09405, 09492, 09996, 10614, 23990, 77476, 77598

GMG SpotColor Editor - Error opening .db3 file

After exporting it from the GMG ColorServer resources, a db3 spot color database file could not be opened in GMG SpotColor Editor. This error only occurred on systems licensed as ColorServer Digital Solution Bundle.

Database cannot be opened. It has been created by a newer version.

15362, 16100

Stopped PDF processing for MX4 profiles without Output Intent

If an MX4 profile did not contain an Output Intent, the PDF processing was interrupted with an error message. This happened even if a fallback was defined in the processing template.

Output intent profile is missing in the MX-profile.

15444, 16279

Non-editable image processing resources

It was not possible to open the image processing templates under Resources > Image Processing or to edit them via Edit.

The resource cannot be edited.

16030, 16346

Failing jobs due to certain worker settings

If the number of image workers was manually reduced while the number of PDF workers was set to Automatic, the job processing failed.

Job failed to process for an unknown reason.


Missing component - spotDBFormatConverter.app

In GMG ColorServer Migration Tool 5.2.2002, the component spotDBFormatConverter.app was missing, leading to an error.

DB3 conversion executable couldn't be found.


Crashing GMG Hotfolder Service and connection issues

After upgrading GMG ColorServer 5.1 to version 5.2, GMG Hotfolder Service Monitor was not working correctly and crashed. As a result, the server connection was lost.


Japanese, Chinese, and Korean UI - Missing file types for Custom Input Color Space

In GMG SmartProfiler LAB, it was not possible to select a custom source color space with ICC profiles (*.icc, *.icm) or CGATS files (*cgats, *txt), as these files were not listed in the browsing tab.


Missing elements after conversion

A PDF file was corrupted after conversion. An image as well as the font were partially missing and Adobe® Acrobat displayed an error message when opening the file.

An error exists on this page.


Shifted text after conversion with flattening

After converting with flattening enabled, a certain line of text was shifted upwards.


Wrong conversion for overprinting elements with black background

After flattening with the setting Preserve Overprinting > Black Only > Vector / Text only, overprinting images on black background were converted to black elements.


Long processing time for collated printing files

If flattening was enabled, the processing of files prepared by an imposition tool for collated printing took very long.


Enfocus Switch - No file processing with GMG SmartProfiler templates

In an Enfocus Switch workflow, the GMG SmartProfiler created resources under Normalization, Conversion, and PDF Processing. could not be used successfully.


Incomplete text after conversion

After converting, a text was incorrect and incomplete in some parts.


Client crash when renaming MX resources

When renaming multiple profiles in GMG ColorServer Client under Resources > MX Profiles , the Client crashed after changing the second profile's name.


Missing spot color text after conversion

After converting, a text object defined as spot color was missing.


API workflows - Failing jobs for template names with special character

If a PDF processing template contained the special character -, processing via API such as Enfocus Switch failed.


Wrong result without flattening

If PDF files containing pages placed as form using overprint were processed without flattening, this resulted in structurally defective files and wrong text rendering.


Inactive hotfolders and server connection issues

From time to time, server connection issues occurred, causing the hotfolder location not to be found and the hotfolders to go into the status Inactive.


Wrong text processing without flattening in version 5.2.30 029

In GMG ColorServer 5.2.30 029, text processing with flattening disabled was incorrect, a background text was partly put over elements in the foreground.