What's New in GMG ColorServer?

Version Features Release Date  
ColorServer 5.5
New MXN Multicolor Engine for GMG SmartProfiler
Faster separation rules calculation
Media type definitions and ink saving presets in GMG SmartProfiler
Improved CMY-only preset for toner-based presses
Access rights management for connected clients
New spot color interface with Lab search filter
Revised interface for OpenColor projects
PDF hotfolder and PDF processing defaults for GMG SmartProfiler Spectral
Template creation from GMG SmartProfiler documents
Support of the measuring devices X-Rite eXact™ 2 and MYIRO-1
GMG Online Licensing
ColorServer 5.4
Wildcards and prioritization for channel mapping rules
Job queue with sort and order option
Job editor
'Restart Job' functionality
Channel mapping for single jobs
PDF flattening hotfolders in GMG SmartProfiler
'Auto Rasterize' for large flattening jobs
Automatic measurement data optimization
Improved TAC algorithms
Update Notifier
Improvements for HP Indigo presses
New Application Service
UI improvements and more...
ColorServer 5.3
Adobe® PDF Library 18.0.5
White undercoat layer for GMG SmartProfiler test charts
Optimized spot-to-CMYK conversion for overprinting elements
Stability improvements for high-performance use cases
User-friendly scrolling behavior
ColorServer 5.2
PSR V2 (M1)
Synchronization of spot color libraries with GMG OpenColor
Synchronization between GMG SmartProfiler and GMG OpenColor
X-Rite i1Pro3 Plus and i1iO Generation 3 support
Improved log handling
License status information
Fail-safe averaging of multiple measurements in GMG SmartProfiler
ColorServer 5.1
Improved handling of overprinting effects for PDF processing without flattening
GMG OpenColor separation profile support
PANTONE® Coated & Uncoated spot color set update
Server status information
Up-to-date information from the online help
ColorServer 5.0
Custom folder installation
Custom gamut as input color space
Client server architecture
Dynamic hotfolder concept
Load balancing
User interface
Production workflow system support
JDF support
Migration tool