August 21, 2019
Custom folder installation
Comply with your company-wide IT standards and install the GMG ColorServer application to a custom folder.
August 8, 2018
Custom gamut as input color space with GMG SmartProfiler
Standardize your production without expert knowledge and convert all incoming documents to a custom color space, even if it is not within the specifications of an official print standard.
August 28, 2017
Client server architecture

One of the big advantages of GMG ColorServer 5 is its flexible architecture: Featuring a high-performant client-server architecture, the server can operate on any computer in your network with multiple users accessing the server in parallel.

Resource based dynamic hotfolder concept

Simplify your work noticeably with GMG ColorServer’s dynamic hotfolder concept using centrally managed resources.

Load balancing

Speed up your process with GMG ColorServer's efficient load balancing.

Revamped user interface

The user interface has been completely redesigned with a focus on clarity and user guidance.

Production workflow system support

GMG ColorServer can be integrated into any automated environment and enables direct access to also proprietary production workflow systems.

JDF support

With the integrated XML based Job Definition Format (JDF) support, you can now process your corresponding job tickets automatically via Job Ticket Hotfolders.

Migration tool

Migrate your existing GMG ColorServer 4.9/4.10 environments to the new version 5.0.2 automatically.