March 19, 2020
Improved handling of overprinting effects for PDF processing without flattening
Processing PDF data containing transparency or overprinting effects can sometimes lead to unwanted visual results if flattening is disabled.With the new functionality, GMG ColorServer ensures that color management preserves the visual appearance of overprinting areas as good as possible, even if the Flattening option is switched off.

Note: Please note that, however, color accuracy in areas with overprints and transparencies can be achieved only with flattening.

Up-to-date information from the online help
The revamped GMG ColorServer Helpcenter is always up-to-date and offers you a whole lot of information such as a version history, feature descriptions, and step-by-step instructions. Just click the question mark button on the upper right of the main window.
September 26, 2019
GMG OpenColor separation profile support
Customized printing conditions made easy: GMG ColorServer 5.1 now supports a direct connection to GMG OpenColor and lets you use its separation profiles.
PANTONE® Coated & Uncoated spot color set update
GMG ColorServer now contains the latest version of PANTONE® Coated & Uncoated spot color sets with 294 new colors.
Server status information
GMG ColorServer now shows dynamic information on the server status such as the server is starting or running.
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