July 07, 2020
Full support of new PSR V2 standards for M1 measuring condition
The new version completes the profile package for the five new PSR V2 standards. It includes reseparation profiles for all five standards and profiles for the conversion from and to the print standards PSO LWC Improved (45L), PSO LWC Standard (46L), and SC Paper (40L).
June 18, 2020
Support of new PSR V2 standards for M1 measuring condition
Recently, the ECI has updated the PSR standard to support the M1 measuring condition. The new version of GMG ColorServer provides new conversion and GMG InkOptimizer profiles.
Synchronization of spot color libraries with GMG OpenColor
What happens if spot colors are edited in GMG OpenColor? The new version of GMG ColorServer ensures that you will be informed of any changes. You can then update the spot color library on a single click. Alternatively, you can also activate an automatic synchronization.
License status information
GMG ColorServer now shows dynamic information on the license status in the status bar.

What is also new: Introduction of new GMG ColorServer solution bundles

As an alternative to the standard GMG ColorServer product, we now offer three solution bundles. Everything you need for the task is right at your hands. You will not need any additional licenses or options. This includes GMG InkOptimizer for conventional printing, EcoSave for digital printing, and GMG OpenColor, the award winning profiler that accurately predicts the overprinting behavior and color interplay with only a minimum of measurement data and test charts required. Please note that the solution bundles are not part of version 5.2 and need to be purchased separately.