October 5, 2022
Resolved issues
This version provides higher stability and fixes several bugs. We recommend you to always install the latest GMG ColorServer version to benefit from all improvements.
July 21, 2022
GMG SmartProfiler: white undercoat layer for test charts
Save time when creating test charts for transparent and metallic substrates: on demand, the new feature Add White Undercoat Layer automatically adds a white undercoat layer to your PDF test chart. You can find detailed instructions under the following link: How to print a test chart
Spot-to-CMYK conversion: optimized processing of overprinting elements
If you convert spot colors to CMYK, your overprinting elements are now handled even more case-specific. We have made some refinements to ensure that especially light elements on darker backgrounds are rendered with higher precision.
Stability improvements for high performance use cases
Benefit from further stability updates, especially when working in a high-performance environment: we enhanced the license handling as well as the interaction between GMG ColorServer Server, GMG ColorServer Client, Worker, and Hotfolder Service.
Adobe® PDF Library 18.0.5
Ensure that your PDF processing is state of the art: GMG ColorServer 5.3.1 comes with the latest Adobe® PDF Library 18.0.5.
User Interface: more intuitive scrolling behavior
Have you ever accidentally adjusted the value of a dropdown menu when all you really wanted to do was scroll? Good news: we've adjusted the scroll function. To change values in dropdown menus, you now have to select them first. If no menu is selected and the scroll function is activated, only the displayed screen content shifts.
Resolved Issues
This version provides more stability and fixes bugs related to PDF processing and user interface. We recommend you to always install the latest GMG ColorServer version to benefit from all improvements.

When you launch version 5.3.1 for the first time, it may take a little longer for the server to fully start up. During the startup process, you will see the message "No license information / CS-Server starting up". Please wait until GMG ColorServer has completed all the necessary changes in the background and is ready for operation. The message will then disappear automatically.

Under macOS 12.4, you cannot perform any measurements with the measurement device X-Rite i1iO at the present time. The measurement device is not recognized and the error message "Measurement device X-Rite i1iO is not connected." is shown. The manufacturer is already working on a new driver solution.
Other measurement devices and versions of macOS as well as Windows systems are not affected by this limitation.

Some improvements required changes in the test chart design. If you want to re-measure already existing test charts from older GMG ColorServer versions, you have to recreate them in GMG SmartProfiler before. This limitation only applies to new measurements. If you have exported measurement data in the past, you can continue to import them and use them as usual without having to reprint the matching test chart first.

December 01, 2021
Enhanced PDF interpretation
This version has been equipped with the latest Adobe PDF Library 18.0.4, offering up-to-date technology and ensuring full PDF compliance.