Automatic Synchronization with GMG OpenColor

This feature automatically synchronizes Separation Rules in GMG OpenColor and the corresponding Spot Colors in GMG ColorServer. You will always have the latest spot color separation data from the related GMG OpenColor project and see at a glance that all spot colors are in sync. Easily check the source project in GMG OpenColor and the date and time of the last update. You will be notified in case the synchronization fails and see which spot color libraries are out of sync. The automatic synchronization requires GMG OpenColor version 2.4 or higher.

Activate the automatic synchronization

ColorServer Configurator with selected Auto Sync with OpenColor option.

If the option Auto Sync with OpenColor is selected, all spot color libraries derived from a GMG OpenColor project will be updated when changes to the project are saved in GMG OpenColor. A couple of seconds later, GMG ColorServer will start to upload the updated resource to the server. You might notice that the In Sync icon shown on the Resources tabbed page disappears for a very brief moment during this update.

Resources will be synchronized if the source GMG OpenColor instance is connected to the GMG ColorServer server. The automatic synchronization will be done even if the spot color library was imported manually into GMG ColorServer. GMG ColorServer matches the spot color library with the corresponding Separation Rules via IDs. Names are irrelevant.

The option Auto Sync with OpenColor does not affect the connection to GMG OpenColor itself or the synchronization of GMG OpenColor projects. The connection, including the synchronization of projects, is established as soon as a valid URL has been entered and if the connected GMG OpenColor instance has allowance to share the application via the web service.