General Questions

Is there an integrated help function available in GMG ColorServer?

No, but you can access our GMG OpenColor Help Center on the internet directly from the GMG ColorServer Client. To do so, please click on the question mark icon at the top right. This will open the Help Center start page in your default browser.

Does the GMG ColorServer Client have to be running for my data to be processed?

No, your data will be processed even if the GMG ColorServer Client is not running.

Why are my hotfolders displayed as inactive after deleting the temp / working files.

After deleting, the corresponding resources must first be synchronized again. This happens automatically and may take a little more time. As soon as the synchronization is finished, your hotfolders will automatically become reactivated and are ready for data processing.

How do I activate the Ink Saving Report?

You can find instructions and further information on the Ink Saving Report under the following link: Ink Saving Report

What is the definition of "multicolor"?

In a multicolor workflow, the standard CMYK ink set is extended with additional colors, thus enhancing the color space. Especially the 7-ink combination CMYK + OGV, i.e. the additional use of orange, green, and violet, can be very beneficial. With these seven inks, you can cover a very wide range of spot colors without changing inks on the press.

Download & Installation

Where can I find the latest GMG ColorServer version?

You can find the current version in our download center under https://gmgcolor.com/support/download/product/colorserver/.

Where can I find the GMG ColorServer manual?

During the installation, the user guide is saved as a PDF file in your GMG ColorServer folder automatically. You can also download the manual as well as further documentation from our tutorial page under the following link: Tutorials

How can I uninstall GMG ColorServer completely?

By following the steps below, you can remove GMG ColorServer and all its components. This also includes configuration files such as hotfolders, workflows, and GMG SmartProfilerfiles. If you would like to install and use GMG ColorServer later again, we recommend you to create an environment backup before uninstalling.


Which ports and URLs are used by GMG ColorServer?

An overview of the ports and URLs used can be found on our website under the following link: Ports and URLs

Why does my GMG ColorServer Client not connect to the server?

If the client cannot connect, this is often due to missing licenses, an inactive service controller, or incorrect network settings.

Where can I adjust the host name after my computer name has changed?

You can change the host name in the GMG Hotfolder Service Configurator under Resources > Hotfolder Locations. Right-click on the appropriate hotfolder location and select Update Host.

Why is my queue empty even though the GMG ColorServer Controller says all components are running?

In this case, an empty queue indicates either a wrong network configuration in the Hotfolder Service Configurator or an inactive GMG Hotfolder Service Monitor.

Why is the data in my queue not being processed?

If the files in your queue are not being processed, there is a problem with the worker settings. Please make sure that the network settings in the GMG ColorServer Configurator are correct.

Why does the client not show a server connection even though my data is being processed?

In this case, the network configuration for the GMG ColorServer Client is wrong. Please make sure that the server address and the server port are set correctly.

Backup & Restore

Should I create a backup of my installation?

We recommend you to backup regularly, as this will allow your system to be restored in case of emergency. If required, a backup can also be used for migrating your installation to another system.

How do I create a backup?

GMG ColorServer provides an integrated backup function. You can find it in the GMG ColorServer Configurator under Server Configuration> Backup and Restore.

How do I restore my system from a backup?

You can find the function to restore your system from a backup file in the GMG ColorServer Configurator under Server Configuration > Backup and Restore.

How can I clean up my system, e.g. in case of an error?

Every now and then, it can be useful to remove outdated and no longer needed files from the system.

GMG ProfileEditor

Can I create a high-resolution ICC profile from an MX4 file?

No, but you can use GMG ProfileEditor to export the target values and actual values into a CGATS text file instead. This file can then be used in common ICC profiling solutions as a basis for the profile calculation.

What To Do in Case of Error Messages?

Error message after update: "You do not have a license to run this application." / "Your application license has expired."

Please make sure that you own a valid license for the installed version. If you have done an upgrade instead of a service update, you need a new license in order to run GMG ColorServer. You can recognize an upgrade by the fact that the number in the first or second position of the version name has changed, e.g. from version 4.11.x to 5.0.x or from version 5.2.x to 5.3.x.

Error message: "Connection to the dongle cannot be established. Please plug-in the dongle."

If no connection can be established to your dongle, this can be due to the hardware as well as the software.

Error message: „The installation of MS VC 2017 Redist (x64) appears to have failed. Do you want to continue the installation?

This message is shown during the installation if a more recent of the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable component is installed on your computer. You can ignore this message and continue the installation by clicking Yes.

Error message: „GMG ColorServer is running without a valid license.“ and “No License” in status bar

Please make sure that you have a valid license and that the dongle is connected. If you see this message despite having a license, the license check just takes a little longer, for example after a restarting the virtual environment. Click OK and wait until the check has been finished successfully.

Error message: “The Standard Head is not mounted." / “e3StandardHeadNotMounted" / “Error in the application"

These error messages refer to the measurement devices X-Rite i1 Pro3 and X-Rite i1 Plus3. They are displayed if the ambient light sensor was not locked before measuring. Also, they are shown if using a measurement table to which the wrong measurement device has been connected.