Integrate GMG ColorServer into DALIM TWIST

Thank you for your interest in integrating GMG ColorServer into your workflow system. DALIM TWIST is a workflow solution for print production from DALIM SOFTWARE. With the GMG Link tool, you can effortlessly establish a direct connection between TWIST and GMG ColorServer. You will be able to use GMG's high-end DeviceLink technology to get the most out of your PDFs and images, delivering press-ready files in reproducible high-end quality, simply as if it were a module within the workflow solution.

You will not need an additional folder structure with IN and OUT folders. TWIST can directly access color management resources such as conversion profiles, PDF processing templates, spot color libraries, predefined in GMG ColorServer. This concept offers the highest possible flexibility while minimizing administration efforts.

Communication is achieved via an integrated application programming interface (API) between the two products.