Integrate GMG ColorServer into Kodak Prinergy

Would you like to simplify your processes and also save time? Integrate GMG ColorServer into your existing Kodak Prinergy workflow.

In this tutorial, you learn how to easily integrate GMG ColorServer into a Kodak Prinergy workflow with the help of Rules Based Automation, short RBA. It will guide you through the configuration of your network, GMG ColorServer, and Prinergy as well as showing you how to use the solution.

Rules Based Automation allows for individually customized workflows and can be modified for your individual needs. This solution is just one example of how GMG ColorServer can be integrated into a Prinergy workflow. Please adjust this solution to your needs.

This workflow integration is still based on creating hotfolders at the GMG ColorServer 5. An API integration is currently not available.

Even if the following solution was well tested, the use of RBA is out of scope of GMG products and services and GMG provides no warranties for the use of this solution.